The Dirty Secrets Your Hotel Won’t Tell You

What Hotels Won't Tell You 2

So you’ve arrived at your destination, BUT, your apartment isn’t ready…Sweet mama, DO NOT fear! You can make this work. Ask me how I know…go on…

You see, I’ve had the luxury and unique struggle of having to live out of several different hotels for weeks at a time….ranging from one week to 5 months at a time. With the family! In not so ‘busy’ cities. In other words, I spent A LOT of time INSIDE the hotels watching every person’s role and daily routines…So yes, trust me when I say, I understand what you’re going through and when I tell you- YOU CAN & WILL get through this!

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Because I am a recovering clean-freak, its only fitting I begin with all the deets I’ve learned about hotel cleanliness…

So here are The not so glorious sides of hotels….

(What hotels won’t tell you)

Here it is:


If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you know very well, that most, if not all will be supplied with a coffee maker and cups and mugs of some sort. (Props to the paper cup hotels!) What you may not be aware of, however, is – how these items are cleaned. ALERT: They aren’t! Well, sort of. These items never leave the room and are almost always ‘washed’ right in the bathroom sink! With plain ol’ water and a towel. Just fantastic.[insert sarcasm]

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Walk into a hotel room and 9/10 it WILL be clean. However, this does not mean that everything is not sanitized or cleaned correctly. Note- the phone and tv remote…two of the most touched items in a room by customers but never cleaned. Just think about that for a moment.

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This may or may not be an obvious one, but the water in the room really should NOT be consumed. It typically is not deemed as ‘safe’ drinking water.

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Another funny one here, if you have children, the rug is rarely cleaned correctly. Do NOT eat anything that falls on the carpet LOL no matter how clean it looks.

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Menu options:

If you ever find yourself, in the grave situation of living out of a hotel…do KNOW that the menu is very expendable. There is almost always more items in the kitchen than what is listed and many ways to cater to your family’s dietary needs.

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Glass water bottles:

I’ve noticed in European hotels, that they will always provide a large glass water bottle with meals etc. However, if you do not see them cork open that glass right before you…well, you can be pretty sure you are drinking tap water (honestly, even if you do…there is still a chance. So go with bottled) This isn’t always ideal depending on the location, or you’re own personal digestive system)

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Same here, avoid it if possible as this is ALWAYS made with tap water.

So, those are just a few of my quick tips if you’re finding yourself living out of a hotel! Which I hope you don’t unless of course, you want to 😉

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What about you? Have you ever lived out of a hotel? Alone or with a family? Any tips or ideas?

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