Should we pray together with our children?

why you should pray with your child

If you’re not a ‘new’ Christian, none of what I’m going to write will come as a surprise and this isn’t for you 😉

This post is for the new mamas whose learning and trying to make sense of this brand new identity, just like I was just a few years ago.

And so, YES! You should absolutely be giving your kiddos the opportunity to join you in prayer.

There’s something powerful about praying in unity with others and certainly with our children.

By praying together, you’re leading by example and there’s truly nothing more powerful than that!

I didn’t grow up in a religious household or even a Christian household for that matter. However, some nights during my childhood, my mother would recite the ‘Our Father’ prayer & I’m so grateful she did.

Why you should pray with your children?

  • Praying is nurturing to the spirit
  • It teaches our kids that they’re connected to a larger reality that surpasses our own thoughts and understanding…teaching them trust
  • Prayer teaches us how to submit and quiet our spirits. We’re able to be a living example of stillness and working and sorting through all the emotions of our day and that of what consumes our mind.
  • Prayer encourages us to read the scriptures…Seeking His Word, allows us to get all the answers we need
  • It teaches how to develop gratitude and joy… when we teach our children to be grateful and to pray for the blessings received, they learn to give thanks
  • Allows quality time together…simply put- praying together is an intimate and holy thing to do
  • Gives children confidence and boldness… when fears arise- prayers help make a child feel safe
  • It encourages positive behavior. As kids learn what the Word of God says, they learn to obey and the world gets loving, well behaved, compassionate children! [well, most of the time! haha]
  • There is POWER in prayer
  • It’s a blessing for you and your child
  • Provides ample practice to memorize the scriptures

Let’s raise up arrows together! What are some other great reasons to pray with our children? Let’s hear it below!