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  • 11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents

    There must be hundreds of parenting books available but which books are best for helping you understand growth mindset? I’ve listed many books below that’ll help with just that! Enjoy and if you’ve read other helpful books, share them with me in the comments below.

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    Mindset: by Carol S. Dweck

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 2

    Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, spent decades researching what caused some children to flourish while others seemed to stall. She discovered that there were what she calls two types of mindsets. There were the “fixed mindset and those that held a “growth mindset.” essentially, people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities can be developed and they can learn anything. While those with a fixed mindset believe they are either born with their gifts and talents, or they’re not. Dweck shares these findings to help motivate teachers, parents, and other professionals to motivate positive outcomes. “With the right mindset, you can motivate those you lead, teach, and love — to transform their lives and your own.”

    happy kids with growth mindset books

    Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 3

    Psychologist Angela Duckworth shares her groundbreaking perspectives on gaining achievement. She states that talent alone does not equal outstanding achievement but persistence and GRIT. She shares her insights on why some people fail, and others succeed and the importance of remaining focused. She shares gripping personal stories that are insightful and life-changing. 

    How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 4

    Paul Tough tackles the question, “Why do some children succeed while others fail?”

    In “How Children Succeed,” Paul Tough argues that a child’s qualities and matters most are least related to their IQ scores and more to do with their character and skills like grit, curiosity, conscientiousness, and optimism. (He uses sound neuroscience and psychological research to support his perspectives.) He provides a radically different perspective and how to understand how our children develop character and how they learn to think and overcome adversity. This book will inspire you and change your understanding of childhood for the better. 

    Mindsets for Parents: Strategies to Encourage Growth Mindsets in Kids by Mary Cay Ricci

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 5

    In this book, Mary Cay Ricci provides parents a blueprint for developing a growth mindset in their home. You’ll find her conversational style of writing approachable and real-world examples applicable to your own lives. This book is easy-to-digest and provides strategies for children of all ages.

    The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher’s Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve by Annie Brock

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 6

    This book was created by teachers for teachers and is an ultimate guide for unleashing students’ potential through creative lessons, empowering messages, and innovative teaching. This book provides everything you need to foster a growth mindset in the classroom. 

    The Growth Mindset Playbook: A Teacher’s Guide to Promoting Student Success by Annie Brock

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 7

    This book is an easy-to-implement collection of creative ideas and new strategies that inspire students with the power of a growth mindset. As a sequel to The Growth Mindset Coach, education professionals Annie Brock and Heather Hundley show how to take mindset to the next level with further resources, examples, and ideas. This book is packed with detailed lesson plans, hands-on activities, and discussion points for talking with parents and other educators. 

    Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 8

    This book by Shonda Rhimes (yup, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder Shonda Rhimes!) takes us on her journey of how saying YES for one year. Changed her life―and how it can change yours, too!

    Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 9

    This book will help rid math anxiety for students of all ages. It provides practical strategies and activities to help teachers and parents show all children they can enjoy and succeed in math (even if they hate it). Jo Boaler–Stanford researcher, professor of math education, and expert on math learning–has studied why students don’t like math and often fail in math classes. She’s followed thousands of students through middle and high schools to explore how they learn and find the most effective ways to unleash the students’ math potential. She illuminates the gap between what research has shown to work in teaching math and what happens in schools and at home. This book bridges that gap by turning research findings into practical activities and advice. Boaler translates Carol Dweck’s concept of ‘mindset’ into math teaching and parenting strategies, showing how students can go from self-doubt to strong self-confidence, which is essential to math learning. Boaler reveals the steps that schools and parents must take to improve math education for everyone. 

    The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child by D. Siegel

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 10

    This book helps guide parents to unlocking their child’s innate capacity for resilience, compassion, and creativity. In The Yes Brain, Siegal gives parents skills, scripts, and activities to bring kids of all ages into the beneficial “yes” state. You’ll discover the four fundamentals of the Yes Brain-balance, resilience, insight, and empathy. How to strengthen them, the key to knowing when kids need a gentle push out of a comfort zone vs. needing the “cushion” of safety and familiarity and the strategies for navigating away from negative behavioral and emotional states (aggression and withdrawal) and expanding your child’s capacity for positivity. The Yes Brain will help you nurture a positive mindset and keep your child’s inner spark strong!

    How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk by A. Faber

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 11

    In this book, the authors guide us on tackling the challenging issues teens and parents face today. With their conversational writing style and straightforward advice, you’ll find it easy to walk away with easy-to-implement strategies and techniques to help you parent well. 

    The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret to Loving Children Effectively by G. Chapman

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 12

    In this book, Chapman provides tangible resources on parenting children well based on their “Love Language”. A must-read!

    Grit for Kids by L. Daniels

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 13

    This book will give practical advice on how to help kids develop GRIT! This book will walk you through and teach you how to do this in an easy-to-digest way. You’ll discover how to inspire your kids, teach them ways to manage their emotions, increase optimism, and so so much more!

    How to Be an Imperfectionist by Stephen Guise

    11 of The Best Growth Mindset Books for Parents 14

    In this book, Guise suggests an exciting concept called “Imperfectionism.” Guise shares that from an early age, most kids are taught to color inside the lines and any color that goes outside those lines is considered to be a mistake (that should be avoided.) Guise shares how perfectionism is a naturally limiting mindset. However, Imperfectionism permits us to live outside the lines where “possibilities are infinite, mistakes are allowed, and self-judgment is minimal.” Guise applies the science of behavior modification directly to perfectionism’s roots, which then shows us a new and better change method. 

    There it is Mama’s! These book are the MUST-HAVES in your library if you’re keen to understand a growth mindset. If you’re looking for more growth mindset and positive resources, check out my other posts (you can also “search” growth mindset in the search bar)


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    growth mindset book for moms
    growth mindset books for parents
  • 9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You’re Stuck at Home!

    9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You’re Stuck at Home!

    Now that we’re all in some form of lockdown and stuck at home, we need help to keep kids occupied more than ever! I’m sharing the best tools, services and more that’ll make your life easier when you can’t leave the house.

    1.This Disinfectant

    I recently purchased a bottle of this cleaner, and I’m in love. Obviously, I feel obliged to share it with you, considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic and all. This stuff smells fantastic and is an effective germ killer. It’ll disinfect everything in your home fast and is safe to use around children. 

    Make sure you use this to disinfect your doorknobs, light switches, remotes, facets, and countertops daily! (and any other frequently touched surface)

    2. Growth Mindset Journal

    This journal is my favorite resource for teaching my kiddos how to confidently develop a resilient mindset to face life’s challenges. Since we have some extra time, I’m desperately searching for non-screen time things to fill the gaps. I recommend this bundle HERE or anything in this SHOP. The printables are a high-quality resource for parents, teachers, and counselors. 

    And you can get 25% OFF the bundle by using the code: SAVE25

    growth mindset workbook colouring book for kids
    coloring growth mindset book

    3. Time Timer

    Is anyone else finding their kids and routines are entirely out of whack right now? 

    Maybe, the kids are fighting more, you’re experiencing more meltdowns, disobedience, or the kids are going to bed later and later every night. 

    Whatever the case is, you NEED this timer in your life. Why? This brilliant little creation visually shows your child how much time they have left for specific tasks! It’s handy for kiddos that have NO SENSE of time. LOL (you know what I mean, ahaha. Is it ready NOW???)

    I use it for a ton of things, multiple times a day. 

    • Screen-time limits
    • Play-time
    • Schoolwork time
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 15

    Pretty much ANY routine that needs timing. Now, for the pessimist or extreme couponers in the back, LOL (I see you. I was you too). I know you’re wondering WHY you would invest in something like this when you could use the timer on your phone. BUT, while you’re right, you could use this; you’re kids can’t see the timer/clock.

    Trust me, using this clock will significantly reduce the temper tantrums and meltdowns that come from “time being up.” This way, your kids can trust their timing and judgment because they can SEE what is left. It’s so simple but genius!

    4. How to talk so kids will listen

    This book is utterly amazing, and quite frankly, every person should read it. Whether or not they have children. Why? If you have kids, that’ll be your holy grail to understand how to talk to your children like the little human beings they are.

    If you don’t have children (hmm, if you don’t, I’m not sure what brought you here, LOL), this book will still help you speak to other adults in a compassionate, understanding, and empathetic way. Most, if not all, adults have unresolved trauma. With many utterly unaware that this exists. When we speak to one another, we are essentially talking to the delicate inner child (& childhood experiences/perspectives) within us. 

    9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 16

    5. Darling Steps’ Huge List of Activities For Kids

    I’ve compiled a list of activities for kids to complete no matter where they are in the world. Most, if not all, are free or low-cost. 

    Access the list of kids’ activities here.

    birds eye view of three children playing on a bed with puzzles and toys

    6. Books for Kids

    We have a family of avid readers. (Hello, friend! You’re looking at the quiet, shy kid whose head was always in a book. I forced, I mean encouraged this hobby onto my children) 

    Although this list isn’t cumulative ( I promise, i am working on writing a list of every book we have read, loved, and enjoyed! I can’t wait to share it!)

    Here’s a list of our favorite books to help kids foster a positive, growth mindset. 

    These books use fantastic imagery and examples to show kids how to think positively and develop resilience. 

    Check out those growth mindset books here.

    7. Musik Subscription

    Musik is one of my family’s favorite subscriptions! We love it because it’s like Netflix or on-demand for MUSIC! It’s laid-back yet organized fun. You choose any class you want, grab any instrument you have on hand or household items in its place, and hit play. Before long, you and your kids will find yourselves singing and having fun! 

    It’s an easy way to insert intentional bonding time into your day. You could also opt to use it as the “Netflix nanny,” where the kids follow the teacher while you complete any chores or work. 

    9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 17

    8. Green Kid Crafts

    My kids (and me! Who am I kidding? lol) LOVE these boxes! It can be such a struggle attempting to put crafts together that don’t look like a haphazard project the dog ate! Everything your kids would need comes included right in the box! And I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love receiving mail. (don’t we all?)

    They provide cool, fun, engaging science and STEM discovery boxes that are extremely high-quality, beautifully designed, and thoughtfully crafted to stimulate your child’s passion. And, if that wasn’t enough- they are a great small mom-owned business that provides excellent customer service. You’ll definitely want to grab your FREE TRIAL here!

    9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 18

  • Best Gifts For Traveling Moms

    Perfect Gifts for Traveling Moms 

    Traveling Moms can be much harder to buy a gift for since well, they can’t travel with a ton of things. For moms and families living out of a suitcase, it makes buying gifts and presents a challenge. But, it gets to be easy. I’ve been traveling with my family and living this nomadic life for years. I’ll share some of the best gift ideas for moms that are constantly on the go.

    grab 10 FREE coloring sheets!

    Can I send you 10 FREE coloring sheets that took my kids from negative nelly’s to pollyanna’s in just a few weeks?

    (hint: say yes! It’s a good one!)


      Compressed bags

      This should be the first thing on your list. They make great stocking stuffers or another main gift. Although small, they can be quite expensive and excellent. They make great presents for any traveler. They will help the nomad in your life organize their luggage in a way that they didn’t even know possible. This is that thing they didn’t think they needed and more wonderful they went so long without it.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 19


      The more obvious gift for a traveler is luggage. Any luggage will do carry on or checked in. It’s all appreciated. Be sure to take a look and listen to their wants and needs as luggage as come in all materials. Your loved one may have a preference for soft or hard luggage, so it’s worth noting.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 20


      Locks are fantastic stocking stuffers and excellent all-around because you can never have too many. Be sure that they are TSA approved; otherwise, you will be a waste because they will get clipped and discarded.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 21

      Clothing or favorite clothing store gift card

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 22

      A gift card may be the best option; a travel coat or a jacket or vest with lots of interiors and exterior pockets.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 23


      If your Mama is traveling around without a smartphone or an outdated one-please, take this opportunity to upgrade her! She will thank you for it. A smartphone is essential when you’re traveling abroad and to new foreign places. And, there’s no need to debate here. LOL, I like both Apple and Android devices, so instead, I’ll share my favorite models.



      In case you’re wondering if I HAD TO choose, I’m #teamandroid all the way. 

      PS, If your Mom happens to work virtually, is a blogger or influencer, read this article here so you understand why every blogger should use an Andriod too. 


      There are probably a million options for travel backpacks, and so I’ll share my top choices after spending hundreds of hours literally researching and comparing features.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 24

      Travel towel

      Another good stocking stuffer is a travel towel because these towels are not like your typical standard towel. They’re made from a lightweight material that dries extremely fast, and it is not nearly as bulky as a regular towel.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 25

      Sink plugs

      Before you write this one-off, this is one of those handy Dandy tricks that many people are aware of and makes for a fun stocking stuffer. Think dogs come in handy, especially during European travel because most, if not all, pubs and sinks are never supplied with a sink plug, which can be problematic, especially for travelers with families. 

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 26

      Clothing line

      Like the travel towel, a clothing line is absolutely necessary if you have a nomad in your life. This will come to the rescue when they cannot find a laundromat or hangers to hang up my clothes. 

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 27


      You have the option to purchase any wallet you like. Of course, I recommend a specialty wallet that has RFID capabilities. 

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 28

      Passport holder

      The passport holder is nice because it allows quick and easy access to essential documents while traveling. 

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 29

      Tile tracker

      A tile tracker is a small handy Square that works as a GPS and can be attached to anything like keys are bag but really anything with a hook. They can then track it via an app, and it always works as long as there is Wi-Fi that it can connect to. This is how full of their luggage is ever lost or misplaced is easy to find and whereabouts.

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 30

       Travel journal

      A travel journal where your loved one can write down memories and scrapbook their experiences will make for a fantastic gift. 

      Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 31

      My favorite physical journals are this one and this one. If you’re looking for a personalized one, you can print at home (hello free shipping!), then have a look at the one I’ve created here. 

    • Gifts For Homeschool Moms

      Perfect Gifts For New Homeschool Moms

      I created this gift guide with new homeschool moms in mind. I’ve been homeschooling for nearly ten years now and I’ve learned a thing or two on what keeps the engine running without blowing up. These items listed are the things I use on nearly a daily basis and have multiple uses so you get as much of your money’s worth as possible!

      1. Planner

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 32

      Whether your friend is a new or veteran homeschooler, it really helps to have something to plan your days and write it all down with intention. There’s no right or wrong way to do this; however, I always encourage a physical paper planner over digital any day. Science supports the notion that our brains prefer paper over a digital screen. Physically writing your to-do list down will enhance your memory, create better focus, and more.  

      2. Desk

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 33

      I’m all about minimalism and frugality; however, its space and finances allow, having a dedicated desk for work is excellent for focused and training the mind to prepare for work.

      3. Whiteboard

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 34

      Having a whiteboard is handy as it allows you to save money on paper. When not in school, use it’s fun for the kids to draw and as well. 

      4. Whiteboard Markers

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 35

      And with whiteboard comes a need for-you guessed it, markers! I recommend grabbing a sizeable multi-colored pack. It’s helpful when you need to explain different concepts or have a visual learner where the different colors will better grasp the material. 

      5. Laminator

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 36

      However, this is not a must; it is definitely nice to have much cheaper than laminating in a store. Laminating your homeschool materials will help it last longer and allow you to treat the materials as a whiteboard since you’ll draw and erase on the papers. 

      6. Chair

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 37

      Having a chair for both you and your child helps to create that score at the sphere and train our brains to prepare for work. 

      7. Chair massager

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 38

      This one is for the parent, obviously. LOL. Depending on what subjects teaching, you may find that you’re sitting in a chair for hours on end. It’s helpful to have something to make that makes that more comfortable. 

      8. Laptop

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 39

      I recommend having a separate laptop for school work. This isn’t necessary, so if your finances don’t allow this, don’t feel like this is another nothing. However, especially if you have sensitive items on your laptop and intermingle the two together. Having a dedicated laptop for your child helps them learn how to use them and allows you to control what happens on that laptop.

      If you have a younger child, this probably won’t be an issue. However, if your kid is older, you may want to start thinking about this even if you completely trust your child. You’ll want to keep an eye on what they’re doing on the laptop, and an easy way to do this is to install apps that can watch and restrict activity and websites.

      9. Phone

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 40

      If you don’t already have a smartphone, then I highly recommended it. You can do a ton from your smartphone as it’s pretty much a small computer in your hands. You could find material prep directly from your phone and even teach on the go if you needed to. 

      10. Printer

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 41

      If you didn’t already know, you’ll be printing on a ton of papers for school, especially if you favor the traditional way. Printing adds up, and it’s best to buy your own printer. I recommend any HP printer because of their cheap ink service that will allow you to get less expensive ink than any other printer will. I made a mistake and purchased a canon printer, and although it’s great, the printing cost adds up because the ink cost so much money. 

      11. HSLDA membership

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 42

      Now that most of us work and school from home, I highly recommend getting this membership. Most of us are unaware of the laws in our States or countries regarding homeschooling. And sadly, many schools shy away from homeschooling and discourage it because they do spending every time a student doesn’t enroll. Some states and countries make it a living hell while it illegal in others. Having this membership is nearly the closest equivalent you can get to have a service and lawyer in your pocket fighting for you and your rights. 

      12. Green Craft Membership

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 43

      If you aren’t crafty or tired of pinning craft pins on Pinterest that you’ll never complete, consider investing in a membership like green craft kids. I’ve used this membership for many months because we love the simplicity of the service. Each month your kids will receive a prepared box of crafts with instructions, and all the materials don’t need to complete the said craft. And if you’re like us, receiving packages in the mail is always a tonne of fun. 

      13. Youtube Premium

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 44

      Investing in YouTube premium will provide your family with so many benefits. Besides watching videos with no ads, which was great for children, you get YouTube music too. You’ll have the ability to download videos to accompany any subjects of your teaching. Kids will especially appreciate this as it won’t feel like schoolwork, but like watching a movie. 

      14. Easel

      Gifts For Homeschool Moms 45

      Any and isn’t necessary at all, and I personally do not use one. However, many of my homeschooling friends use them and find that their caves have a lot of fun with them. Having fun is one of the essential components for enjoying homecoming.

      Annnnddd, they can use it for painting or coloring. You can also use it as a teaching prop. Another fun way to assess whether your kids are retaining the information is to have them play the teacher and explain our parrot the material back to you.