Perfect Gifts for Traveling Moms 

Traveling Moms can be much harder to buy a gift for since well, they can’t travel with a ton of things. For moms and families living out of a suitcase, it makes buying gifts and presents a challenge. But, it gets to be easy. I’ve been traveling with my family and living this nomadic life for years. I’ll share some of the best gift ideas for moms that are constantly on the go.

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    Compressed bags

    This should be the first thing on your list. They make great stocking stuffers or another main gift. Although small, they can be quite expensive and excellent. They make great presents for any traveler. They will help the nomad in your life organize their luggage in a way that they didn’t even know possible. This is that thing they didn’t think they needed and more wonderful they went so long without it.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 2


    The more obvious gift for a traveler is luggage. Any luggage will do carry on or checked in. It’s all appreciated. Be sure to take a look and listen to their wants and needs as luggage as come in all materials. Your loved one may have a preference for soft or hard luggage, so it’s worth noting.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 3


    Locks are fantastic stocking stuffers and excellent all-around because you can never have too many. Be sure that they are TSA approved; otherwise, you will be a waste because they will get clipped and discarded.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 4

    Clothing or favorite clothing store gift card

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 5

    A gift card may be the best option; a travel coat or a jacket or vest with lots of interiors and exterior pockets.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 6


    If your Mama is traveling around without a smartphone or an outdated one-please, take this opportunity to upgrade her! She will thank you for it. A smartphone is essential when you’re traveling abroad and to new foreign places. And, there’s no need to debate here. LOL, I like both Apple and Android devices, so instead, I’ll share my favorite models.



    In case you’re wondering if I HAD TO choose, I’m #teamandroid all the way. 

    PS, If your Mom happens to work virtually, is a blogger or influencer, read this article here so you understand why every blogger should use an Andriod too. 


    There are probably a million options for travel backpacks, and so I’ll share my top choices after spending hundreds of hours literally researching and comparing features.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 7

    Travel towel

    Another good stocking stuffer is a travel towel because these towels are not like your typical standard towel. They’re made from a lightweight material that dries extremely fast, and it is not nearly as bulky as a regular towel.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 8

    Sink plugs

    Before you write this one-off, this is one of those handy Dandy tricks that many people are aware of and makes for a fun stocking stuffer. Think dogs come in handy, especially during European travel because most, if not all, pubs and sinks are never supplied with a sink plug, which can be problematic, especially for travelers with families. 

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 9

    Clothing line

    Like the travel towel, a clothing line is absolutely necessary if you have a nomad in your life. This will come to the rescue when they cannot find a laundromat or hangers to hang up my clothes. 

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 10


    You have the option to purchase any wallet you like. Of course, I recommend a specialty wallet that has RFID capabilities. 

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 11

    Passport holder

    The passport holder is nice because it allows quick and easy access to essential documents while traveling. 

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 12

    Tile tracker

    A tile tracker is a small handy Square that works as a GPS and can be attached to anything like keys are bag but really anything with a hook. They can then track it via an app, and it always works as long as there is Wi-Fi that it can connect to. This is how full of their luggage is ever lost or misplaced is easy to find and whereabouts.

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 13

     Travel journal

    A travel journal where your loved one can write down memories and scrapbook their experiences will make for a fantastic gift. 

    Best Gifts For Traveling Moms 14

    My favorite physical journals are this one and this one. If you’re looking for a personalized one, you can print at home (hello free shipping!), then have a look at the one I’ve created here.