Here are the 5 travel essentials you absolutely need! (& they’re FREE!)

An open mind

When you commit your life to travel it’s important to remember that you’re giving yourself an opportunity of a lifetime. You’re constantly choosing to put yourself aside and immerse yourself in other countries customs culture and way of living. So with that being said always remember to keep an open mind. Train yourself to move your worries to the side. Put your traditions, expectations and past experiences behind you and allow yourself to appreciate and accept the new moments in front of you. This way you can truly appreciate your experience and allow yourself to try new things that you otherwise wouldn’t (be it a food dish or an activity).

Sense of adventure

If I could give you only one piece of advice, I would say don’t let your fear win. I’ll say that again a little more slowly. Do not let Fear win. Get comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone. It pays to be an optimist here and always see the opportunity in every possibility. Look for ways to suppress your fear or worry long enough to embark on the experience.


Always be aware of what’s going on around you. This seems simple enough…common sense right? But common sense is not that common.

  • Pay attention to signage around you.
  • Take a mental note of the people surrounding you (about every 5 minutes being mindful of conversations, body language etc).
  • Do your best to keep phone consumption to a minimum.
  • Lose the headphones

  In a nutshell, try not to allow anything to distract you.

Practice listening/focus activities

  • ( For example, you should know the difference between the sound of a bus and a car…footsteps of a child vs. an adult, etc. It’ll take time. Don’t be disheartened. Continue practicing)
  • Have a basic understanding of where you are.

Obviously, this will vary greatly depending on where you are in the world and your familiarity with the area. However, use some sort of map (like Google maps) to have a good look around the city. Make a note of establishments and their proximities to your home/hotel)

Plan ahead

You don’t have to have a complete minute by minute itinerary in place, however, have a basic schedule, at the very least (knowing open/close times of restaurants, etc.)


Bounce back when stuff doesn’t go your way & Do whatever it takes to keep stress levels down!  

What travel essentials are a must for you? Bonus if you can’t “buy” them!


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