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hey friend, i’m sheree + i like designing on all mediums. But, especially Canva. i’m here to help you demystify diy branding with Canva (+ sometimes other simple fun tools). I know the importance of first impressions, which is why i’m passionate about helping YOU design with confidence.


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You don’t need a degree in graphic design, buy pricey + difficult to learn software, or hire an expensive designer to brand your business + showcase your best self.

I’m here to let you know- you don’t need to drop $5K for a custom design (you may not even love! Been there, done that. No thanks.) 

You have unique talents + I’ll show you how to translate that into your designs, without investing months of your mortgage to do it.

With Canva, it’s easy to brand yourself and products authentically….even if you’re a complete beginner. 

What if I told you there was a better way? + Can you DIY your way? Why yes, yes you can.

Imagine if you could DIY your brand and business on your own. What would it mean for you if you could be in control of that creative process? (no matter where your design skills are at right now) And wouldn’t it be great to have someone walk you through this without charging an arm and a leg? I bet + that’s why I teach non-designers how to create scroll-stopping designs that showcase their best work. 

Care to know where your dollars are going? (I see you. I like your style.) Besides the awesome products + services I offer here, there are several causes I support. So, if the values listed here aren’t your jam, that’s cool too. Feel free to close the browser (Too harsh? Meh. My bad. Let’s not waste each others time.) Around here, creativity is championed, respect is required + community is undisputed (no matter who you are, what you believe in, or where you come from. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.) I live + breathe the fight for equality + social justice everyday. Black Lives Matter. PERIOD. Oh, + if you enjoy jokes, Disney movie references, + British/American accents, we’ll create MAGIC! Talk soon.

Core Values

Here are a few big things that matter around here: 

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"I highly recommend these templates to anyone who wants to create professional pins without having to hire a graphic designer."

“I absolutely love these pinterest templates! They have helped me to cut down the time I spend trying to design each and every pin! I just select one of the beautiful templates, insert my information and voila! I have a gorgeous pin in just minutes! I highly recommend these templates to anyone who wants to create professional pins without having to hire a graphic designer.” – CATHERINE, SOUL CARE MOM
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Let's Make Your Brand & Products Irresistible

I’ve been blogging, creating websites, and designing products for nearly ten years. I started clueless, just like you. Although I’d spent a significant time in the arts (mostly painting) I didn’t know how to translate that into graphic design. I get it. I was you. Now, I teach others how to design their products and brand their business without the stress (in a way that embodies their personality + style.) 

If you want to stand out, Canva can help you streamline your entire process. Honor your ideas and business, let me help you discover the magic of canva so you can feel good about your designs. Take creative control of your designs with canva. Lets jumpstart your graphic skills fast so you can launch your biz like a pro.

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Ready to amplify your brand?

Looking for some templates to make branding your business easier? Check out my best-sellers below for help with social media, websites, blogging, and more. Browse the resources below. 

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Want some free editable Canva templates for your business? Click the pink button below to grab a bundle of Pinterest templates now.

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Looking for more of hand-holding support? Or want a pair of fresh, experienced eyes on your work/business? I got you. 

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If you’ve appreciated my free templates or tutorials, you can help me make this sustainable by buying me a coffee to say thanks <3 xo, Sheree

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