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Need to find the perfect present for a stay at home mom (SAHM)? I’ve been a stay a home mom for so many years and here are the gifts I wish loved ones would buy!

Step tracker

Many moms find themselves; you guessed it spending a lot of time at home, and it easy to put workouts and fitness or health on the back burner. An easy way to stay fit and on top of your physical activity is to purchase a step tracker. It’s encouraging and motivating to see how many steps you’re taking in a day and work hard to attend your daily goal.

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    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 2

    My favorite ones (ascending price order) are:

    Apple Watch



    Exercise membership

    Whether physical or virtual, an exercise membership is helpful because it will encourage the mum in your life to either get out of the house to exercise or promote physical activity right at home and possibly with her children.

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 3

    I’ve tried a ton, and here are the virtual ones I love:


    Body Groove

    Gift cards

    Gift cards are always welcomed and an easy winner because they allow Moms to buy what they want. No guessing necessary. You give the Mom complete control of the gift, which is always much appreciated!

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 4

    Some gift ideas include:

    Favorite cafe:

    Starbucks, Panera Bread, etc.

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 5

    Most frequented stores:

    Target, Walmart, etc.

    Restaurants& Food-delivery type of gift cards:

    Pizza, Chipotle, Five Guys, etc.

    Non-specific gift cards like:

    Visa or Mastercard


    If the Mom in your life is a book lover, audiobooks will always come in handy because they’re relatively easy to listen to; much like a podcast. It can be listened to on the go or while waiting for kids after school.

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 6


    Side note: I only recommend this gift if you are 1000% certain that Mom you’re buying for is a neat freak and will thoroughly appreciate this gift and sentiment. Otherwise, this may come off as very condescending or stereotypical. For a Mom like myself that loves to clean, I’d be thrilled with this gift because it would make my life easier! LOL For mum’s that don’t care to clean, not so much.

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 7

    I love these vacuums:





    Spa day

    Every single Mom needs a least one spa day a year! This can be anything the mother would like. The point here is to make sure that she is pampered and relaxed.

    Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms 8

    Kids memberships

    On a similar note, any membership for kids is just as effective as a spa day since it allows Mom some alone time and structured activities for the kids. I’ll share some virtual options I frequently use.


    If you click here to sign up, you’ll recieve $20 free towards your first class so there’s no risk in trying it out! We use Outschool everyday and love it.


    Click here to try it out!

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