It can be hard to decide on the perfect present or gift for our kids. Here’s a list of my kids favourite tried and true winners. Bonus, we are full-time travelers and most, if not all of these gifts can be packed in a suitcase. (Yes, even the last gift listed!)

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 2
Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 3


This is one of my kids’ favorite toys. They are basically cool shaped magnets but are super high quality. There are other knockoff versions, but i can’t speak to them as I wasn’t willing to find out whether they were good quality. Magnets are hazardous if ingested to both kids and pets, so it wasn’t worth the risk. 


Everyone knows legos are classic fun, creative staple toys. It’s one of the few toys that always makes the cut. It truly fosters my kid’s creativity in a way many toys (beyond magformers and learning resources cubes) have. The classic sets are your best bet for a first kit or even as an addition to your collection. They have the most bricks, especially the bigger cubes, and allow the most freedom to create whatever your kid wants. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 4

Barbie dolls

Alright, i struggled writing this one down. I have this thing, this love-hate relationship with barbie. Considering that barbie now offers their fashionista collections, I’m a tiny bit more comfortable sharing this one. Barbie dolls give kids, yes boys too, the ability to play pretend in their own way. And now, barbie offers a bigger INCLUSIVE collection, which is extremely important. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 5

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Full disclosure, I write this with complete hesitation because I’m not too fond of the mess it makes and leaves behind. However, my kid, and I’m pretty sure every kid I’ve ever met, loves it. Now, you don’t need to get crazy buying all the machine tools that playdough offers. The love for them is short-lived and stunts creativity. Trust me, I know. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 6


I’m such a massive fan of all-inclusive experiment kits because 

  1. I’m not a crafty pinning type of mom. No, I don’t have time to gather all the supplies and create this cutesy experiment. Give me the damn tools and instructions, and let’s get this party started!
  2. I like easy. Period. There isn’t a price for peace of mind, yall. 
  3. They foster learning in a fun way.

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 7


My kids love tents, and I think all kiddos do because it helps create a safe space to play, wonder, or even think/cry. The kind of tent you buy and how you set it up gets to be unique to your littles. You can purchase a pop-up tent to give your kids a space to pretend. You can get extra fancy and create a more comfortable reading nook or an area to process emotions and feelings privately. Think: “a feelings corner kind of thing.” 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 8

Board games 

We are huge fans of family-style board games etc. some of our favorites are :

  1. Monopoly
  2. Anything made by Brainbox
  3. Bananagrams
  4. Trouble
  5. Snakes and ladders
  6. Rhino Hero
  7. Dominos
  8. Candyland
  9. Life
  10. UNO

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 9


Every child should have THAT special notebook. Whether or not you refer to it as a diary is up to you. Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all. The idea here is that you create an opportunity for your child to WRITE. Kids need ways to express themselves. Exercising a writing habit, especially while young, will be one of the best, more impactful things you do for your child. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 10


This is great, depending on your child’s age—a cost-effective way to introduce your child to technology and computers specifically. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 11

Tablet or iPad

this one will depend on your budget, preferences, and reasons for use. i like the iPad for obvious reasons. The UI is practically flawless. Everything syncs seamlessly, and it’s basically virus-proof. LOL. On the other hand, i like tablets for their affordable price points, UI freedom. I’m an android girl at heart. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 12

Marble run

I purchased this one from Amazon; however, you can DIY this in a fun and cheap way if thats your thing. All you’d need would be a cheap bag of marbles, a large box/cardboard, and some strong tape. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 13


Puzzles are fun. They keep kids occupied for a long time and provide the opportunity for some peace and quiet. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 14

Art easel

An art easel provides a more fun environment to paint, draw, or color. It also doubles as a tool for homeschooling.

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 15

Instrument: (Guitar or Ukelele is best)

Instruments are going by 2 to help kids grow their IQ and have fun at the same time. This isn’t the quietest option, but everyone can enjoy it as your child gets better and better. 

Best gifts for 7-10-Year-Old Kids 16