It can be tricky trying to decide on the perfect present and gift for smaller children. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a list of my kids favourite tried and true gifts.


Everyone knows legos are classic fun, creative staple toys. It’s one of the few toys that always makes the cut. It truly fosters my kid’s creativity in a way many toys (beyond magformers and learning resources cubes) have. The classic sets are your best bet for a first kit or even as an addition to your collection. They have the most bricks, especially the bigger cubes, and allow the most freedom to create whatever your kid wants. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 2


This is one of my kids’ favorite toys. They are basically cool shaped magnets but are super high quality. There are other knockoff versions, but i can’t speak to them as I wasn’t willing to find out whether they were good quality. Magnets are hazardous if ingested to both kids and pets, so it wasn’t worth the risk. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 3


This one will depend on your budget, preferences, and reasons for use. I like the iPad for obvious reasons. The UI is practically flawless. Everything syncs seamlessly, and it’s almost virus-proof. LOL. On the other hand, I like tablets for their affordable price points, UI freedom. I’m an android girl at heart. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 4

Edible playdough

Instead of buying Play-Doh 4 kids five and under, it’s safer to make your own playdough if they have curious Minds. Obviously, your kids shouldn’t eat this as a snack; however, they won’t get sick if they eat some. This is a fun option because you can add all types of colors and flavors, and textures you wanted. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 5

Water table

If you have a backyard or garden- a water table is a nice edition to foster free play.

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My kids love tents, and I think all kiddos do because it helps create a safe space to play, wonder, or even think/cry. The kind of tent you buy and how you set it up gets to be unique to your littles. You can purchase a pop-up tent to give your kids a space to pretend. You can get extra fancy and create a more comfortable reading nook or an area to process emotions and feelings privately. Think: “a feelings corner kind of thing.” 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 7

Barbie dolls

I struggled to write this one down. I have this thing, this love-hate relationship with barbie. Considering that barbie now offers their fashionista collections, I’m a tiny bit more comfortable sharing this one. Barbie dolls give kids, yes boys too, the ability to play pretend in their own way. And now, barbie offers a bigger INCLUSIVE collection, which is extremely important. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 8

Train track 

I placed this one in the five and under section; however, train tracks are suitable for kids of any age. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 9

Stuffed plush animals

But those of you that just rolled your eyes, I know it’s parents. We have more than enough stuffed animals; however, if your kid likes playing pretend like most stuffed animals are the easiest way to allow them to do this. A bonus is that they are mostly lightweight and are easy travel companions.

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 10

Paint & supplies

Art and craft supplies and finger paints are an excellent option for smaller children.

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 11

Art easel/ whiteboard

An art easel provides a more fun environment to paint, draw, or color. It also doubles as a tool for homeschooling. Same for whiteboards. Easy to use, fun, and multiple uses. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 12

Play laptop

Play tablets are a fun way to introduce technology and feel grown-up like Mummy and Daddy.

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Like a toy laptop, play-phones gives kids their grown-up feel with lots of new buttons and sounds to explore. 

Best Gifts For Kids Under 5 14

Kids piano

If it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a massive advocate for introducing instruments to children at a young age. I believe that the piano is one of The best first instruments because they are one of the most Indestructible options on the market. No, I don’t suggest allowing your child to use a real Piano unless supervised. Piano’s are on the higher end of the price tag and should be treated with care. 

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Musical mat

Another option is the musical mat. This is handy because they are quite sturdy, and kids can play with them using their little hands or feet!

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