8 things you don’t need to buy your toddler

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Having children can be quite a financial burden if we allow it to be…

Here are 8 things you really don’t need to buy your toddler!

I’m no expert as I only have two children, but I’ll say there are wayyy to many products marketed for kids to the parents that are simply NOT needed!

Pull ups

I know every mama won’t agree with me on this here…I feel like the pull-ups always incite a HUGE unwarranted war LOL…But, in my opinion, Potty training in normal underwear may be more work with a lot more mess, but those training days will be shorter, I promise you!

Toddler ‘milk’ formula

Move along on this one…this is simply a marketing tactic for companies to get into your pockets! Give your sweet baby a healthy varied diet and they will be well. It’s not a necessity that your kiddos drink this ‘special’ toddler milk. If your kids drink milk, any normal type will do.


I know I don’t need to explain this one! Resist the urge to introduce these sweets and/or use them as bribes…It’s the worst thing ever LOL. Candy is simply full of artificial sugars that contribute to soooo many ‘deficiencies’ and ‘disabilities’ Avoid at all costs.


Unless you’re giving fresh-squeezed juice (that you yourself squeezed) this is almost packed with unnecessary sugars and nasty ingredients. Does your bottle or carton read: ‘fresh’ ‘natural’ ‘100% juice’? It may be….but after the pasteurization process takes over…we are left with a carton of unhealthy sugar 🙁


Your little one doesn’t need any more help with energy! Try only using natural sugars…use fruits to sweeten meals and cravings or opt for honey, stevia, or xylitol.

Extravagant toys

It can be quite tough choosing toys that our kids will love, without buying everything on the market. My personal rule of thumb when toy shopping is simple: I ask myself 3 questions-

  1. Is this priced right? Can I afford this right now? Or can it wait?
  2. Is this toy durable? Can it take the rough treatment of use by a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old?
  3. Will this spark creativity? Does this toy inspire my children to create?

If you can answer a yes to these questions, that toy may be a good fit!

Shoes with laces- straps only!

I had to throw this in here! Is it just me or do we have enough things on our to-do list as we are getting ready to run out that door? LOL. When I buy my girls those velcro strap shoes- I like to think I’m helping them grow in their independence! 🙂

Boogie/face wipes

Mamas- normal, plain ‘ol wipes or a wet cloth will do!

Hope you enjoyed this list 🙂

How else can we stretch our budgets?

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