• The Best Way to Show Affection to Your Toddler

    The Best Ways to Show Affection to Your Toddler

    One of the most important gifts that you can give to your child is a healthy sense of self-esteem. This significant inner security comes with feelings of being unconditionally loved, safe, and complete.

    Your child, very likely, has the ability to develop healthy self-esteem if the environmental conditions are supportive. Your contribution in creating these conditions is connected to your ability to show affection to your child

    Being able to connect and forge a bond with your child isn’t relevant only in infancy. Toddlers need such a connection too. They can’t thrive without it. Good parent-child relationships don’t just happen, they are consciously made and maintained. 

    What a Parent and Child Need

    • Sense of safety
    • Unconditional acceptance
    • Unconditional love 
    • Ability to adapt
    • Kindness
    • Compassion 
    • Empathy

    There’s no single solution to how to get this relationship right, yet there are a few powerful activities you can share with them that will communicate affection.

    If you take your time to offer your child a space of safety and love, your relationship will keep improving and getting stronger.

    Building a Strong Relationship

    1. Create tiny rituals. To create an environment of trust and respect, you can develop simple daily rituals and engage in them with your child.
    • Rituals are best mastered if they’re connected to an existing habit. For example: going to the park after lunch, morning hug after waking up, hug and run before playschool, or daddy/mommy dance when one of the parents returns from work. The options are unlimited.

    These tiny traditions shouldn’t be complex and definitely should not cost you much.

    • Simple and easy experiences that don’t require a lot of planning usually make the best and most sustainable rituals.
    1. Give lots of cuddles and hugs. Notice what your child is doing throughout the day and occasionally encourage or reward their actions with warm, loving hugs.
    • By cuddling and hugging them after a certain behavior, you support the formation of the neurological pathways that will reinforce this behavior.

    On the other hand, when your child is upset or shows intense fear, frustration, anger, or another negative emotion, this highly charged emotional expression might stress you out. The most common automatic response is to control and suppress your child’s current sentiments.


    However, instead of following your initial instinct and causing additional emotional pain to your already-suffering toddler, it’s much better to take a moment or two to calm down, accept your child’s state, and offer a hug.

    1. Inspire curiosity. Besides being crucial for learning and intellectual development, curiosity plays an important role

    Stimulating your child’s curiosity also leads to more imagination, playfulness, creativity, and sets them up for a more satisfying future.

    • The best way to inspire this sacred sense of wonder in your child is to be curious yourself. Be a role-model and show your interest in various activities, ideas, and cultures.

    Additionally, if your child has started to talk, you can ask questions, question answers, practice and encourage active listening, pay attention to details, and more.

    • Spending time cultivating curiosity with your child shows that you care.


    1. Carefully set limits. One aspect of parenting that is most in need of affection is the process of teaching discipline. Defining boundaries, setting limits, introducing responsibilities – all of these can be taught and introduced in a dignified, loving manner.
    • What kids look for when they learn about discipline from you as their parent is your own level of ability for responsibility. Children seek to see if you’re “walking the walk.”

    Having your toddler’s respect matters more than your strict assertion of the rules. If your little one feels that you’re dependable, reliable, consistent, and disciplined yourself, then you can be clear but gentle when you set limits, and your word will be obeyed. 

    Early childhood is a precious, luxurious period for you and your child. The more you cherish the moments of affection with your toddler, the stronger the bond between you becomes. All your child needs is your love.

  • 9 Things You Absolutely Don’t Need to Buy Your Toddler

    Having children can be quite a financial burden if we allow it to be…

    Here are 8 things you really don’t need to buy your toddler!

    I’m no expert as I only have two children, but I’ll say there are wayyy to many products marketed for kids to the parents that are simply NOT needed!

    Pull ups

    I know every mama won’t agree with me on this here…I feel like the pull-ups always incite a HUGE unwarranted war LOL…But, in my opinion, Potty training in normal underwear may be more work with a lot more mess, but those training days will be shorter, I promise you!

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 2

    Toddler ‘milk’ formula

    Move along on this one…this is simply a marketing tactic for companies to get into your pockets! Give your sweet baby a healthy varied diet and they will be well. It’s not a necessity that your kiddos drink this ‘special’ toddler milk. If your kids drink milk, any normal type will do.


    I know I don’t need to explain this one! Resist the urge to introduce these sweets and/or use them as bribes…It’s the worst thing ever LOL. Candy is simply full of artificial sugars that contribute to soooo many ‘deficiencies’ and ‘disabilities’ Avoid at all costs.

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 3


    Unless you’re giving fresh-squeezed juice this is almost packed with unnecessary sugars and nasty ingredients. Does your bottle or carton read: ‘fresh’ ‘natural’ ‘100% juice’? It may be….but after the pasteurization process takes over…we are left with a carton of unhealthy sugar 🙁


    Your little one doesn’t need any more help with energy! Try only using natural sugars…use fruits to sweeten meals and cravings or opt for honey, stevia, or xylitol.

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 4

    Extravagant toys

    It can be quite tough choosing toys that our kids will love, without buying everything on the market. My personal rule of thumb when toy shopping is simple: I ask myself 3 questions-

    1. Is this priced right? Can I afford this right now? Or can it wait?
    2. Is this toy durable? Can it take the rough treatment of use by a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old?
    3. Will this spark creativity? Does this toy inspire my children to create?

    If you can answer a yes to these questions, that toy may be a good fit!

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 5

    Shoes with laces- straps only!

    I had to throw this in here! Is it just me or do we have enough things on our to-do list as we are getting ready to run out that door? LOL. When I buy my girls those velcro strap shoes- I like to think I’m helping them grow in their independence! 🙂

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 6

    Boogie/face wipes

    Mamas- normal, plain ‘ol wipes or a wet cloth will do!

    Hope you enjoyed this list 🙂

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 7

    How else can we stretch our budgets?

    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 8
    family living out of hotel
    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 9
    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 10
    9 Things You Absolutely Don't Need to Buy Your Toddler 11