how to live out of a hotel

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How to live out of a hotel (even if you have a family!)

Are you wondering why anyone would ever want to live out of a hotel? I know it sounds crazy, strange and perhaps unstable. But, as a basketball wife, this is one of the joys I’ve had to learn.

How I live out of a hotel with 2 kids:

If there is a courtyard available or garden, go ahead and bring a ball for a game of catch or football (soccer).
I’m sure people would have many different opinions on this, but I allow my oldest to use the bikes available. I also, only with my help and presence, allow her to walk on the treadmill slowly.

A gym?

Use it! Bring along a car seat (more compact) or a stroller for the little ones. Depending on ages. For me, this would mean putting my 7-month-old in the car seat and occupying my 3-year-old with games, a movie, or safely monitoring her “workouts.”

If there is a pool/jacuzzi or sauna available

Have fun with that!

Use the hotel services to your advantage

Is there a computer room/business center?

Use this too! Go online and play online preschool games (many hotels offer free printing) and use these services to your advantage. Do they offer a shuttle bus to any nearby attractions or establishments? Take an entire day to browse the city you’re in.

Inquire about special rates/ discounts being offered to guests at nearby stores or restaurants

Always grab those free brochures/magazines sitting in the hotel lobby…they ALWAYS have some sort of helpful information or attractive discounts!


  • Fresh, clean sheets every day
  • Never have to clean
  • Room service
  • Did I mention you will NEVER have to clean?! lol


  • No privacy
  • Small area
  • Limited to hotel food/no home cooked meals (unless you resort to nearby restaurants or have access to a kitchen, etc.)
  • On a final note, some hotels offer a childcare service, which can be a helpful resource to parents.

What do you think? Could you manage? Have you ever had to live out of a hotel?


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how to live out of a hotel with a family

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