Simple, Quick DIY
Home Makeover Tips Sheet

How to make an empty house a home in just a few days!

  • Can’t paint your whole house?- Add wooden borders to the bottom of walls all along home…and borders (paper or paint) along top or middle as well.
  • Lighter walls make small spaces seem larger: Place furniture along walls for small spaces and embrace mirrors!
  • Less is more in a home in every area

Not staying long or can’t afford to furnish immediately? Here are some ideas…

Living room area- stop at resale shops/charity shops/garage sales/ your friend’s storage unit LOL and ask around for unused and unwanted items… you’ll be surprised at what you can find this way!

Or you can furnish your home the way I have done countless times-with amazon!

Because we travel so frequently and don’t own a home, we always have a vacant apartment to fill. This is what I’ve done:

We’ve purchased inflatable sofas! HA! And when dressed with pillows, they can be a lot of fun!

If television is needed- Any large department store will be your friend, with cheap TVs and stands/otherwise your computer is perfect!

Get yourself a picnic table for cheap- and toss a nice tablecloth over it… Any chair will do, and you can place chair pillows on tops of these.

Furnish your kitchen with what the dollar store and Walmart/target etc has to offer!

They can even be cheaper than the dollar store and offer better quality on some items. Like utensils such as spoons and forks but the dollar store is better for those small items like cutting boards and tongs etc.

Ditto for bathroom needs such as shower curtains etc.

Amazon & your typical local superstore will have nice selections of rugs for cheap and bathroom essentials that go a long way to make a house much more cozy.

Now, I give these suggestions, assuming you’ll be living in this new space short-term…

IF it will be long-term, I’d suggest trying as best you can to save to buy better quality items from other stores. Buying quality items may have a high up-front cost…but will last SO much longer 🙂

…Because there will always be strict limitations with weight and dimensions during travel, these are some of the things I do & bring along to help make our travel homes feel more like home:

Things I Bring:

  • Removable wall decals
  • Lightweight Artwork (This could be quality artwork that’s printed & laminated or a small, lightweight canvas & photos)
  • Over-the-door hooks
  • Lightweight play-mats
  • Two sets of sheets
  • Photos
  • Books (paperback only)
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Select toys
  • Poster putty
  • Adjustable suction cup hooks

Things I Do:

  • Save & reuse glass food jars, buy paint & decorate
  • Draw, paint, color some more & display
  • Write on our mirrors, fridge, dishwasher & any other workable surface
  • Maintain consistency with house decor

What do you guys think? Any other quick home DIY tips and advice can you share?