5 Ways to Easily Find a New Church After Moving

Moving to a city can be just as much scary as exciting.

You feel alienated if there’s no family or friends within a few hundred miles. Not to mention all the challenges you’ll face.

Like finding a suitable home, transportation, schooling options, language barriers, just to name a few.

But if you believe in Jesus then, finding a community of fellow believers where you feel welcome and at home can prove to be a difficult task depending on where you are in the world.

But it doesn’t have to be a burden, and I’ll share some ways our family has coped with moving so frequently and still finding ways to feed our faith.

For some reason, everyone treats churches like a buffet (I’m not judging. Totally understand. It’s just a strange phenomenon I’m sorta trying to wrap my head around).

We go and pick at what we like and don’t. And if it doesn’t suit us, we keep searching until we find another and another. I guess I wish it were easier.

Nevertheless, here are some tips in finding your new home:

5 Ways to Easily Find a New Church After Moving 2

Look Up the Sermons Online

Many churches offer their sermons broadcasted online. This gives you a chance to watch the pastor and any speakers and get a feel for the church without having to waste physical time and energy in going week after week.

Read Through Their Website

Almost every church will have a website where you can reference their doctrines and beliefs. They’ll also be list activities that the church provides & any ministries that they are apart of. You’ll also most likely get a chance to see photos of the actual church building.

Now, these strategies may not actually apply to all churches. I’ve found several cities within Europe where there was no website to reference… in which you’ll need to use social media to find the church and find out more about it.

Get Recommendations

This one is a simple as it sounds. Ask around. This is simple enough if you’re relocating for work or with family or friends. However, is you’re moving alone or with your immediate family with no resources in the new city then, you will literally have to step out of your comfort zone and ask around ask people you meet in the market, people you see in the street and store. Don’t shy away from making conversation. Children are great ice breakers, and this may be easier if you do have small children that you’re able to take to park to school or then you can meet other families.

Seek Out Directories

Remember those big yellow information books that are always placed in front of your building or home on your local community? Well, now we finally have a use for them besides laying them down as a table stand or paperweight! Go ahead and look up your local churches.(I’ve found them in every country & city so far)

Now say you’re in a new town or city you’re not familiar with almost every city has an online directory that you can find. Try typing the name of the city+state+province+country and directory into the search engine of your choice.

If this feels you do the same as above, take this information into social media. So for example, if you wanted to look on Instagram, you will open up the Instagram app and type in the name of the city you’re in and church and see what search results pop up.

Rinse and repeat for Facebook Twitter Pinterest and any other social platform you can think of.

Take Advantage of Sundays (&weekdays)

If all else fails, you can just do it the good ol’ fashion way and go to church on Sunday. You could simply walk around and just be a true tourist in the city that you’re moving into until you walk around and find a church.

To make the most of your Sundays, you could see if churches have different service times and plan your day around attending the different churches at different hours of the day on Sunday.

Many churches also have midweek services that you can attend and take advantage of those if Sundays aren’t a good time.

If you go to church-how, do you find your new “home”?

5 Ways to Easily Find a New Church After Moving 3
5 Ways to Easily Find a New Church After Moving 4
5 Ways to Easily Find a New Church After Moving 5