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Are you dealing with leg pain? Marks on legs that resemble bruises? Or those horrible bulging veins?

(Yea, varicose veins)

You’re not alone. Years ago, I had them too. I was on my 3rd pregnancy and during the 2nd trimester, my legs slowly became consumed with these “bruises”. Spider veins were everywhere, I felt so embarrassed. As if that weren’t enough, the veins started bulging at a rapid pace and I was disgusted. Disgusted to bathe myself because I could constantly feel them Disgusted with how I looked and completely overwhelmed with the immense physical pain these veins were bringing. I can remember so vividly feeling all of these symptoms at one point or another…many every day…

  • • Excruciating pain
  • • Trouble walking
  • • Painful/sore to the touch
  • • Felt warm
  • • Seemed to be progressing more and more
  • • Budging/raised/swollen
  • • Aggravated pain when I lift or push things like toddler and stroller or shopping cart
  • • When lying on back- felt like I couldn’t breathe
  • • Cramps, spasms, aching, throbbing, stinging pain in legs
  • • Pelvic and vulva area bulging

Trust me when I say, You are NOT alone & I KNOW your pain. I know it is an extremely difficult thing to bear. I know it feels so painful. But you CAN and you WILL push through this. I know you’ve heard enough doctors tell you that they will decrease or fade completely after birth, but right now, it just isn’t cutting it. I get it. But here is the truth-every woman’s body is different, however, for the most part, they will indeed disappear… But what’s a mama to do with the pain she’s feeling now? Would you consider prayer and/ or natural resources? (or just the latter if you’re not open to prayer?)

***I’m not a doctor. (I only play one on myself & sometimes my family. Welcome to motherhood!) Consult YOUR physician. Just sharing my own experiences. Ok Sorry, #endoflegal***

I remember researching all the natural alternatives I could find for this condition and the intense pain and wondering if it was all a hoax. Did natural mean less effective? Would it even work or was it placebo? (Side note: At this point, I would have even taken placebo if it meant relief!) You see, it was difficult at the time for me because I needed to follow a budget and taking a chance on something like this was risky. Not to mention, the nervousness I felt about taking these with no medical consultation because my doctors didn’t support natural alternatives. Yay for pharmaceuticals. Not [insert sarcastic disappointed angry face]. Now, I’m no doctor and I write this as encouragement for you, to share my personal experience that worked for me. I opted to use essential oils and a cream that was actually given to someone I know for their muscles. This is what I used and found to be really effective in both reducing pains in my legs and reducing the actual size of the veins. I also found that the veins didn’t progress as quickly while using these oils.

  • Helichrysum
  • Cypress
  • Geranium
  • Lemon

Because I was dealing with such intense pain, I opted to only slightly dilute these oils into virgin coconut oil. Each and every day, immediately after having a cool/warm shower [hot water worsens the veins]

I would:

1. Use a dry brush to improve the circulation in my legs [brush upwards to the heart]
2. Place a quarter size of coconut oil in the palm of my hand, then mix several drops of essential oil
3. Let dry Because of the research I found, I chose to variate the use of each oil. I would use one for a few days then switch to another as this is stated to be more effective. (As I update this post & fish through some 5,738 bookmarks & tabs LOL- I will provide the links to the studies/journals/articles & websites I used to create this strategy) After consulting your doctor: Feel free to try and experiment to see what works for you. I also found it extremely helpful to: 1. Not sit with my legs crossed
2. Elevate my legs whenever possible
3. Stay hydrated & eat [healthy] anti-inflammatory foods And all of these essential oils are deemed safe for pregnancy.

***Note that these statements are not regulated by the FDA and I am NOT a medical professional. These are simply my experiences & results***

Have you dealt with spider veins or varicose veins?

Have you tried any natural remedies?

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