Sometimes travel can be a scary thing for some people. I never traveled outside of my state as a kid because my mother didn’t drive and was mortified of air travel. Mel Robbins also shares the story of her fear of flying and what she did to overcome it.

So, I want to help you break through any fears you may have about traveling. Let’s push past those mental blocks so you can reap alllll the benefits of traveling with your family worldwide!

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I am ready for new experiences while I travel.

  • I am ready and excited for the new experiences coming our way. I am eager to find opportunities in any mishaps, delays or troubles that may arise.

My life is an open channel to new experiences on my trips. I am ready to embrace new ideas and challenges while I travel.

  • I will see new things, new perspectives, and traditions. I am willing to embrace everything with an open mind.

I remain open to new possibilities in my world.

  • I will actively look for new opportunities and keep an open mind.

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My vacation is a wonderful opportunity to experience new adventures. Each day provides exciting new prospects and I avoid letting fear or anxiety stop my pursuit.

  • I get to choose and decide HOW I will feel about every experience. I am in control.

New experiences are always within my reach while I travel, as long as I allow myself to try new things.

  • Nothing is off the list. Everything is possible for me.

My choices affect what I experience, so I am careful about my decisions.

  • I will make wise and sound decisions.

I can balance new ideas with my old beliefs during a vacation.

  • I will do my best to embrace new ideas.

I embrace education from each new idea I find.

  • I choose to see beauty in everything.

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Different cultures and languages provide valuable lessons about the world around me. I am enriched with this new knowledge.

  • I will return from my travels with a deep appreciation for others.

I appreciate the different lifestyles I encounter while on vacation. I make new friends. I pick up new tips and advice. And I learn from their cultural backgrounds and histories.

  • I have the capability to embrace diversity.

My travels help me appreciate my life at home too. I am grateful for my family, friends, and coworkers who are part of my normal routine.

  • I will continue to express gratitude to myself and everyone and every experience I have.

Today, I am excited to be planning my next travel adventure! I am ready for new experiences.

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Self-Reflection Travel Questions:

  • How can I prevent fear from stopping my enjoyment of new experiences?
  • What can I do to remain open to new ideas as I travel?
  • How can I learn to accept unexpected changes during my trips?

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