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  • 8 Tricks To Save Money On Your Family Road Trip

    The family road trip can be a great experience, but it can quickly go over your budget. It’s essential to plan so you can save money on your journey.

    Road trips can be economical if you follow several important tips:

    Carefully plan everything at home

    • It’s easier to prepare than to come up with last-minute solutions on the road. You can find a variety of deals online, make phone calls, and compare rates. Book your arrangements ahead of time so you can use your vacation to relax.


    Compare gas prices

    • Gas prices often fluctuate from one area to the next. Use apps and websites to see the gas prices along your route. You can compare gas stations and read reviews.

    Reduce the cost of food

    • Fast food is convenient, but the cost can quickly add up during a road trip. You may want to bring your own snacks and meals.
    • Consider getting a large cooler with ice to pack food and beverages. Your cooler may hold enough food for a couple of days, but in most cases, you’ll still want to eat out sometimes. This is another opportunity to do research ahead and find the most economical restaurants.
    • Restaurants aren’t the only option. You can also make pit stops at grocery stores to fill up your cooler with more snacks and meals.


    Check twice to ensure you’ve packed essentials

    • Did you remember to bring all of your medication and other medical supplies? You can save money by avoiding a trip to a pharmacy. Do you have enough clothes and shoes for everyone? Are you prepared for emergencies?
    • Avoid having to shop for a new pair of sneakers during the road trip because your child’s feet are cold.


    Check out free events and attractions

    • You’ll find that many museums, events, and other places have free admission. You can add these to your plan as you put together your list.


    Carefully check your car before you leave

    • Inflate your tires to the pressure that’s recommended in the car’s manual to maximize gas usage. Also, consider the car’s weight. Heavier cars burn more gas, so pack the essentials and avoid bringing unnecessary items.
    • You can avoid costly roadside assistance and towing by doing recommended maintenance that you know will be needed soon. Do you need an oil change or minor repairs? Do them before you leave on your trip!

    Flexible cancelation policies

    • Are you making reservations ahead of time? Road trips can be eventful, and the best plans cannot prevent all possible emergencies.
    • Search for hotels and restaurants with flexible cancelation policies to avoid adding extra costs to your trip. If you’re late and miss a reservation, some businesses charge you.


    Look for coupons and additional discounts along the way

    • These money-saving items can reduce the cost of your trip.
    • Coupons and discounts may be available from hotels, restaurants, and other places. Museums and shops may also offer them along your route—stock up on additional savings.


    Road trips can stay under a budget with the right plans. If you consider the costs of common items that occur during a trip, you can save money.

  • Dirt Cheap Family Travel Destinations in The USA

    5 Budget-Friendly Vacation Destinations

    Nothing refreshes the body and mind like a vacation. Whether you travel alone, with your family or extended family and close friends, it’s good to get away from the daily routine!

    According to the American Society of Travel Agents, the 5 most budget-friendly travel destinations are:

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Orlando, Florida
    Branson, Missouri
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Los Angeles, California

    Here’s why these locales are so budget-friendly:

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    In Las Vegas, you can get away, explore tourist attractions and stay in one of the many awesome hotel resorts, all for very decent prices.

    Because of the vast number of hotel rooms, nearly 150,000, says the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, many package deals to Vegas are available. A common travel package to Las Vegas includes flights, hotel, food credits, and a discount on show tickets.

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    Vegas casinos will clamor for your business. However, if you want your vacation to Las Vegas to be truly budget-friendly, avoiding the casinos may be wise. Alternatively, you can budget a certain amount of money to enjoy the experience of the casinos, and when you hit that limit, stop gambling.

    With the many shows, amusement parks and great places to eat, there are plenty of non-gambling activities to do in Vegas as well.

    Orlando, Florida

    Because of Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, Sea World, and more, there’s no end to the package deals you’ll find for Orlando, Florida. Families converge in groups each year to this sunny Florida vacation mecca.
    Depending on the time of year you go, you’ll snag some incredible “freebie” days at Disney and Universal Studios. Since July and August are in the middle of hurricane season, not to mention the hottest months of the year in Florida, you may prefer to avoid Orlando during those months.

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    However, if you’re seeking a great travel deal to Orlando, you’ll find it in July and August.

    Branson, Missouri

    Second to Nashville, Tennessee, as the country music capital of the world, Branson offers a stay at a fine hotel, delicious meals, and entertaining shows at some astonishingly low prices.

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    Here’s an example for a family of 4: two nights hotel, 4 free admissions to a water park, 4 free show tickets to a Country Music Hall, 2 free large pizzas, and a $10 card to a local play spot, all for $298.60 for those vacationing in June, July or August.

    Another real advantage of a Branson vacation is that the location is easily accessible from several U.S. states. You can take a car trip to get there in a day or so. A destination you might not have considered, Branson offers numerous budget-friendly opportunities.

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    New Orleans, Louisiana

    What’s not to like about a visit to New Orleans? Steeped in history and some of the most charming old Southern homes you’ll ever lay eyes on, this city of jazz and art is an experience in and of itself. If you haven’t been to New Orleans and you like to save money, you’ll definitely want to place this destination on your travel wish list.

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    Beignets and chicory coffee can be had for a song at CafŽ du Monde. A walk around Jackson Square when the artists are displaying their wares is free!

    For another real New Orleans experience, take a stroll down Bourbon Street after dark and just listen to the music wafting out to the streets. No charge. Of course, you’ll be drawn into one of the no-cover-charge lounges to enjoy the entertainment.

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    Los Angeles, California

    This destination surprises as one of the top five U.S. budget-friendly travel locations. With museums, Venice Beach, Chinatown, and all things Hollywood, consider a budget-friendly trip to LA. Allow time to enjoy the free sightseeing and inexpensive (but good) street food.

    Exploring Universal City Walk or the Hollywood Walk of Fame won’t cost a dime, except for food and drink. Include in your budget what you’d like to spend on shopping and entertainment at these locations so you don’t get carried away and overspend.

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    Whatever your pleasure, you can afford to travel to one of these budget-friendly vacation destinations. With careful pre-planning coupled with a great package deal, you’re sure to live it up during your cost-saving vacation to one of these top 5 budget-friendly vacation destinations.

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  • Christmas Traditions For Family Travelers

    Christmas Traditions For Family Travelers & Expats

    What do you cherish and remember most clearly about Christmas during your own childhood? Was it the food the carols and music going to church the Christmas tree? When we look back at our childhood we don’t remember the gifts that we were given, we would call the things that we did as a family that created the most long-lasting memories.

    Family Christmas traditions that adhere to year after year during the festive season are an important part of childhood and often free or don’t cost much.

    Here are our 8 best memory-making traditions for families to enjoy this Christmas

    Send Homemade Christmas Cards

    Go old school and send some homemade cards. In the modern era of e-Christmas cards this is a traditional way to make your Christmas celebration special. Making homemade Christmas cards can involve the whole family. Sit down with some glitter, stencils, stickers and colored paper. Play Christmas music to get you in the morning your kids and you will have great fun making the cards and then and giving them to friends and family.

    Make An Advent Calendar

    Make or buy an advent calendar that can be reused each year. Instead of putting suites or toys in it put a note for each day about all the different things you love about your child there would be a full-scale riot in my house if there were in a small present or treat in the calendar each day so you may want to consider adding the notes on top of a little present!

    Give Them a Christmas Eve Box

    Treat your kids to an early gift with a special box that contains festive pajamas to wear in a Christmas film to watch If you want to spend less, you could include a festive book or art and craft activity so that they can make a special Christmas Eve decoration for the tree

    Prepare a North Pole Christmas Breakfast

    An amazing way to welcome the festive season is by preparing a North Pole Christmas breakfast for your family on the first day of December. Get the kids involved in designing the menu and making the decorations. Many families combine on North Pole Christmas breakfast with the elf on the shelf who joins them for a meal. He then appears every morning doing something mischievous until Christmas Day. I think most parents either love or loathe the elf. I’ll let you decide!

    NOTE: If you loathe the elf like moi, then a suitable alternative is Melk the Monkey!

    Grab him here & then shoot me an email for a special gift when you do!

    Leave Food Out for Santa & His Helpers

    Leaving food out for Santa and his friends is another lovely tradition for Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to prepare the reindeer food out of dried oats and biodegradable glitter and have your kids scatter it in the backyard or lawn on Christmas Eve. You can also go out and gather greenery like Holly and ivy from a garden to decorate the mantel pieces or other areas in your house.

    Make a CHRISTmas Supper

    Opt for a special dinner (using whatever native ingredients are available to you. Totally okay if itis different every year!) and family prayer night. Spend time giving thanks to the One that sacrificed everything for us.

    Download your FREE Christmas gratitude list here (TIP: Laminate it & write on it daily)

    Say Cheese!

    Many families forget to take a family photo on Christmas Day. So, make time to capture a photo with your family each year in front of the Christmas tree striking the same pose. It will be interesting to document how you change each year. Then, you could put the photos into a special album!

    Go To a Carol Service

    Even if you are not generally a churchgoer, going to a service at your local church on Christmas Eve is a lovely thing to do with your children. Seeing carols and listening to the story of the nativity is sure to put everybody in the festive mood and it’s good to take some time to remember the origins of Christmas.

    Wrap It All Up

    Enjoy the special festive memories you make with your family. Your children won’t stay little for long, and it’s great to remind them that Christmas is about being together and not just about presents and treats.

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  • Travel Affirmations For Moms & Kids

    Sometimes travel can be a scary thing for some people. I never traveled outside of my state as a kid because my mother didn’t drive and was mortified of air travel. Mel Robbins also shares the story of her fear of flying and what she did to overcome it.

    So, I want to help you break through any fears you may have about traveling. Let’s push past those mental blocks so you can reap alllll the benefits of traveling with your family worldwide!

    Don’t have time to read? Grab the travel affirmations printable FREE below (& a FREE journal)

    I am ready for new experiences while I travel.

    • I am ready and excited for the new experiences coming our way. I am eager to find opportunities in any mishaps, delays or troubles that may arise.

    My life is an open channel to new experiences on my trips. I am ready to embrace new ideas and challenges while I travel.

    • I will see new things, new perspectives, and traditions. I am willing to embrace everything with an open mind.

    I remain open to new possibilities in my world.

    • I will actively look for new opportunities and keep an open mind.

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    My vacation is a wonderful opportunity to experience new adventures. Each day provides exciting new prospects and I avoid letting fear or anxiety stop my pursuit.

    • I get to choose and decide HOW I will feel about every experience. I am in control.

    New experiences are always within my reach while I travel, as long as I allow myself to try new things.

    • Nothing is off the list. Everything is possible for me.

    My choices affect what I experience, so I am careful about my decisions.

    • I will make wise and sound decisions.

    I can balance new ideas with my old beliefs during a vacation.

    • I will do my best to embrace new ideas.

    I embrace education from each new idea I find.

    • I choose to see beauty in everything.

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    Different cultures and languages provide valuable lessons about the world around me. I am enriched with this new knowledge.

    • I will return from my travels with a deep appreciation for others.

    I appreciate the different lifestyles I encounter while on vacation. I make new friends. I pick up new tips and advice. And I learn from their cultural backgrounds and histories.

    • I have the capability to embrace diversity.

    My travels help me appreciate my life at home too. I am grateful for my family, friends, and coworkers who are part of my normal routine.

    • I will continue to express gratitude to myself and everyone and every experience I have.

    Today, I am excited to be planning my next travel adventure! I am ready for new experiences.

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    Self-Reflection Travel Questions:

    • How can I prevent fear from stopping my enjoyment of new experiences?
    • What can I do to remain open to new ideas as I travel?
    • How can I learn to accept unexpected changes during my trips?

    Grab your FREE Affirmations Printable & Travel Gratitude Journal at the top of this post!

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