7 Things a postpartum mom REALLY wants (Revealed!)

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What a postpartum mom really wants

So, your loved one has just given birth, and you’re ready to give a gift? Here are a few things most people don’t think to give and what postpartum mommas really, really want.

Feed her. Feed her family.

  • What we want and need is food. Frozen meals, cooked meals, fast food meals, any food prepped or prepared is so greatly needed and appreciated. It can be so time consuming and draining to focus on a new life while having to prep tasty meals for a family as well.

Bring disposable dishes and cutlery

  • Dishwashing is another chore that’s demanding (unless you have a dishwasher of course) Save her the trouble and bring over enough paper/plastic picnic plates for a month.

Entertain her other child(ren)

  • It can be a challenge for new moms and veteran mommas alike to give all her littles her undivided attention. Offer to take her other kids on an outing, even if only to a local park. It’s extremely helpful and helps the other children in adjusting as well.

Wash or fold laundry

  • Truth be told, despite almost every family owning or having access to a washer & dryer, it’s almost inevitable that only one of those tasks is being completed! The never ending, urgent, the sky is falling demands of everyone in the family, continually interrupts this duty of ours. Pick one, pick em both. But definitely consider helping us in this area.

Babysit for date night

  • As much as we want to soak and lather our newfound love with our undivided attention, the truth is, we can’t forget the one person who matters even before them* Our spouse! Offer your babysitting services so that marriages can stay fresh, healthy and fun!

Run her errands

  • This looks different for every mom, but here are some ideas:
    • Grab the mail
    • Pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy
    • Go shopping
    • Make phone calls

Send her words of affirmation

  • Probably one of the most important things listed here. Every mom needs to know that they are enough. That they are doing a good job and it shows.

What are some things you could have really used after giving birth?

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