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I know kids can be ‘expensive.’ So, for reference, our kiddos are still little and this post is probably more applicable to those with young children (8 and under).

Growing up, you always hear about the costly burden of having kids. But the truth is, they really aren’t as expensive as people would lead you to believe. You see, I made a horrible mistake when I was just a teen and cost, along with fear, were the deciding factors in my response.

So, here are some thoughts…

This is for you.

• Kids are mostly free if you don’t mind paying attention

1. Kids play with nearly anything & expensive toys aren’t necessary at all. We first need to erase the lies our culture and mainstream media has embedded into us. Then, we can begin to cultivate creativity and show genuine gratitude for what we already have.
Don’t underestimate yourself.

2. Use your creativity to make and play with whatever’s lying around. Use what you already have! Or use google/Pinterest to help give you some ideas. There’s no shame in this! We’ve all been there. Some of us just aren’t born with natural creativity…ahemm *cough cough*

  • Save your toilet paper rolls for crafts
  • Re-use those delivery boxes (large appliance boxes are the BEST)
  • Use your pots & utensils as instruments
  • Save (safe) packaging from any food items (may need to wash some. But think…tea boxes, yogurt/baby food cups etc)
  • Dance with music (Youtube for the win: Check out: Saskia’s Dansschool)
  • Exercise together (remember those simple exercises from elementary gym classes?) (Bonus: Youtube again: Cosmic Kids. They are absolutely fantastic for this)

3. They will use their imagination if you support it

• Opt for outdoor play because whether or not you have the energy to gather everyone up and out the door- It will always be easier to clean the ‘outdoors’ off of them than to clean up the mess they’ve made indoors. Trust me on this. Fo’ real.

  1. Play ‘What time is it, Mr. Fox?’
  2. Tag
  3. Hide & seek (I’d only opt for this in the confines of a SAFE gated home/community WITH LIMITS…yea yea, call it no fun/paranoia…what have you! I found myself in unsafe compromising situations as a kid by no fault of my own. I know the dangers thank you very much)
  4. Dodgeball

Need more ideas? Have a look here.

• They grow way too fast, use thrift shops

1. It’s no surprise that children grow fast. But in case you aren’t aware- babies grow out of their clothing about every 2-3 months from age 0-12 months. Thereafter, it could be about every 6 months, once they turn 4/5, I find it’s about once a year or maybe its just my kiddos?! (Note: sadly, these estimates don’t include shoes 🙁 Kids regularly outgrow their shoes and at a much faster rate or just wear them down super duper fast)

2. Doesn’t make much sense to pay full price here.

• Go natural

1. Opt to make things from scratch or go the natural route.

Here are some ideas:

• Use cloth diapers instead of disposables

• Use castile soap for all your ‘soapy’ needs (body wash, shampoo, laundry etc)

• Use old rags or buy new ones really cheap to use as wipes

• Or make your own wipes using paper towels

• Use coconut oil and baking soda as toothpaste

• Use water and hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash

• Use vinegar and lemon as your primary cleaning agents

• Don’t use body creams, opt for oils instead

They don’t need things. They need YOU

Our children need our attention, our love, our nurturing and there isn’t anyone more qualified on the planet to do this than us!

And when all is set and done and our children are having children of their own…the only things that would have mattered…the only things they will remember….are the memories, experiences and time we took to parent them. To guide, teach and love on them.


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