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How to Raise Girls Who Love Themselves

Self-confidence and self-esteem are often difficult for girls. Not just in terms of body image, but just having a girl learn to love everything about herself, including her intelligence, her creativity, and the special skills she has. Here are some ways to raise your daughter to love herself.

Show That You Accept Yourself How You Are

One thing all girls have in common is that they look up to their mothers. If you want your daughter to love herself, you need to show that you love yourself as well. Never talk down about yourself, whether it is about your intelligence, appearance, relationships, or anything else in your life. Try to remain positive, and while you know you have flaws, you accept them. Be a confident person with high self-esteem, and your daughter will want to mirror that.

Let Her Make Her Own Decisions and Mistakes

Sometimes what helps a girl the most to feel good about herself is to let her take over things on her own. Let her try new things and make mistakes. She will good about the courage she had to try something new, and when she succeeds at the new thing, she feels accomplished, which is a great way to feel good about herself. For younger girls, just playing with new toys or trying new activities to see what their capabilities are can be helpful. When you have a pre-teen or teenage girl, giving her the reigns for a variety of things can really be helpful.

Allow Your Daughter to Be Confident

Confidence should never be something others look down on. Confidence does not mean being conceited but knowing what you are good at and what you can achieve. If your daughter does something amazing, let her boast about it. Don’t tell her not to talk about herself or not to be conceited; she needs to know you acknowledge what she has accomplished and know that she can be proud of it.

Raising a daughter who loves herself has its challenges. People tend to grow up thinking they need to remain modest and always expect the worst. Raise your daughter to expect the best, try new things, and believe in her ability to achieve things if she puts in enough effort. Put more attention into her education and compliment her brain and her creativity, not just her looks.

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