How Prayer, Meditation, and Gratefulness Can Help You Forgive

  Forgiveness is a big part of all major religions. It makes sense then those most major religions – be it Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or Judaism – have tools and practices that help you find that forgiveness. Let’s take a look at how prayer, meditation, and even the practice of gratefulness can help you forgive. Forgiving someone who has done you wrong isn’t easy. Many Christians struggle with the idea of holding out the other cheek. Yet there’s an important reason why it is such a big part of all world religions. It’s because forgiveness isn’t really about the other person. It’s about you. It’s about starting the healing process and getting past an issue, an argument, or a bad situation. It’s about finding your way back to peace and happiness.  

Prayer And Forgiveness

  Let’s start by looking at how prayers can play a positive role in forgiveness. Prayers are our way of talking to God or a higher entity. It’s a way to let it all out, share what has happened and know, without a shadow of a doubt that there’s a kind ear on the other end. Prayers can help us be heard, without being judged. There is someone out there who understands your pain and loves you unconditionally. That same entity also forgives no matter what. All you have to do is ask for it. You may feel guilty for holding on to the hurt and anger but He forgives and leads by example. Prayers can help us come to terms with our anger and by following His example; you can find our own path to forgiveness.  

Meditating To Help You Forgive

  Meditation is an ancient practice that helps us clear our minds and helps us let go of our emotions. Meditation brings us peace of mind and that allows us to see both sides of the story. That alone makes it much easier for us to forgive the other person. Mediation is also a great way to strengthen our mind and spirit. It helps us become a better, stronger person. It helps us develop into the type of person that can forgive and move on. Of course, experiencing the peace of mediation where you let go of your pain and anger, also makes you want to feel that way in everyday life and forgiveness is your path to that peace of mind.  

Gratefulness Can Put Things In The Right Light

  Last but not least, let’s talk about practicing gratefulness. Being grateful is very powerful, particularly when done with intention. During your prayers and your meditations, think about everything you have to be grateful for. Trust me, it’s hard to hold on to a grudge when you’re remembering all the wonderful things in your life. Being grateful for everything and every one good you have in your life makes it easy to forgive others.

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