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So, you guys, can I share something with you? I’m not a homeowner!

You see, my family travels A LOT, and so we spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for rental homes all over the world.

So, I’ve had quite a few experiences with landlords, and here are some starter questions to consider when looking to lease an apartment or home.

Here are some of the ones I think are most important:

What to ask your landlord BEFORE signing a contract

  1. Is there a carbon monoxide alarm present? If not, will this be provided?
  2. Is garbage removal present at this address?
  3. What’s the state Law on lead-based paint & is it present?
  4. Are locks changed after tenants depart, and are we able to change them?
  5. Does this apartment fall under one of the apartments that have previously frozen? (Freezing concerns)
  6. Does this apartment freeze on low heat setting?
  7. Is there a cost to request the removal of the furniture in the apartment? (Considering furniture is not needed or maybe a hazard to your family?)
  8. Also, is there a possibility to request furniture if something is needed? Does this incur any costs? (In Europe, many, if not all apartments (called “flats” are typically furnished)
  9. Is subleasing allowed for a lease greater than 6 months, considering the new tenant is acceptable?
  10. In regards to heat, what are the extra costs for desiring temperature higher than 72?
  11. Does this apartment have an electric baseboard?
  12. Insulated/ or double glazed windows?
  13. Can you recommend a tenants insurance policy?

What more questions or tips do you ladies have for us? What has your experience been with renting? Share them with us in the comments below!

What To Ask your Landlord Before Signing a Lease 2

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