This is what every daughter needs to hear

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Important Things to Tell Your Daughter

When you are raising a girl, there are certain things you should always tell your daughter. These things, whether they are words, conversations, or otherwise, are going to help her grow up strong, independent, confident, and kind.

Tell Her to Be Kind

An important thing to start telling your daughter even at a young age is that she should always be kind to others. This is a really good lesson to teach daughters from toddler age to teenagers and even into adulthood. You want your daughter to be a nice person that is open, honest and treats others with respect. Teach her that even during moments when being kind is the last thing she wants to be, she should always remember humans make mistakes and that forgiving them and being the better person is sometimes the only thing she can do.

Teach Her How to Say No

This is something that is essential to living a well-balanced and stress-free life, but something many people never learn. Saying no involves everything from not feeling comfortable doing something, to being pressured into being intimate with someone, or even just saying no to helping someone with something she doesn’t have time for. Saying no encompasses so many things, but they all come down to one thing: she needs to know she has the right to say no whenever she doesn’t want to do something, can’t do it, or doesn’t feel right doing it.

You Are Proud of Her

Your daughter should always be told that you are proud of her. Show pride in everything she does and succeeds, even if the results were not quite as you expected. Children and teens really crave this type of attention from their parents, and girls can be sensitive about accomplishing something and not getting proper recognition for it. You can really help your daughter raise her own personal confidence and self-esteem by showing that you are proud of everything she does.

Friends Are Important

Girls should know how important it is to have girlfriends in her life. Friends are essential at all ages, as they can help you when nobody else is there for you. In addition to the importance of family, her friends become the people that she can trust with personal information, she calls up at 2 am for a ride, or just that is there to support her when her life isn’t going how she planned.

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