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These are some common natural and not so natural ways to cure oral thrush.

There are a plethora of ways to cure oral thrush both naturally and not so naturally. I’ve personally tried every single natural method listed here and the medical ways listed here, although I’ve never resorted to using these, these were the instructions given to me by a few local hospital lactation consultants. Here’s a few ways, listed in no particular order:

Nystatin Gentian violet:

When Nystatin is ineffective, some moms resort to using gentian violet. This will penetrate through several layers of the skin; however, be weary that its purple color STAINS. Be sure to review before using. If using liquid gentian violet, limit to 0.5% or 1% solution and should be used and limited to three days of 1/2 swabbings per day.


For shooting breast pain, a mom can take 200mg dose of fluconazole on the first day and 100mg of this medication once a day for 14 days. This will not be enough to treat both mom and baby, so the baby would need to see a doctor as well for his/her own medical needs.

GSE Vinegar

Amphotericin B

How do I stop oral thrush from spreading?

• Practice great hand washing skills
Seriously, although hand washing also rids good bacteria, wash your hands frequently

• Opt for paper towels instead of hand towels
Yeast can live on fabric, so during treatment, use a disposable alternative • Use a bath towel only once then wash
Same reason here • Launder all clothes in HOT water
Only hot water will kill the bacteria

• Keep bra clean
Yeast lives and thrives in moist areas, so do your absolute best to keep your bra clean and dry.

• Boil items used in mouth (ie. Bottles, pacifiers, teething toys etc)
Same reason here, you want to kill the bacteria anywhere where it may be thriving

• Replace toothbrushes
Ideally, you should be doing this every 3 months or more anyway but just in case, rid your toothbrush after the infection is cleared. (You may even consider using disposable toothbrushes for a while)

• Reduce sugar and yeast in diet
A change in diet is extremely beneficial and will definitely speed up this process.

• Add acidophilus, fresh whole or chopped garlic, water and B vitamins to diet

All of these sources will help to completely eradicate this problem. Its great to take these in raw forms and in vitamin supplements.

Ways To Cure Oral Thrush 2

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