Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Bloggers

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There are a ton of gifts that you can get for a blogger or online entrepreneur in your life.

    So, not to overwhelm you, this article will focus on the ones I use EVERYDAY and are the bare bone necessities to most bloggers and ‘mompreneurs.’   The questions I see the most in Facebook groups- Do I need a Mac? Is it worth the price tag? Etc. Etc.  I don’t technically own a MacBook, BUT I use my husband’s ten year old-ish Mac all the time.  Here’s what I think- If your finances allow you to purchase this high-end laptop, go for it. They really are great. They’re secure, fast, and beautiful. Did I mention fast?

MacBook air

    However, in full transparency- this is the laptop I actually own: And I love it (most days anyway). It cost just over 300 and has served me well. It can do everything I need it to do as a blogger without the HUGE price tag. It’s fast (after several years, not as fast but fixed that issue with some file cleaning)

Acer aspire 5

  Now, almost every blogger I know, (that creates products, courses, or videos anyway) use this webcam. I honestly couldn’t tell you why because I don’t have one. But I feel comfortable recommending it because everyone I know suggests this one to me. Instead, I use my phone’s camera because the specs are nearly identical to this webcam. So, before you run off to buy this, check what you currently have and see if it’s sufficient enough for your needs.

Logitech webcam

    This microphone is one of the best available, and NO, it isn’t the one most people recommend. Many people will suggest a Blue Yeti, but I shy away from those because although there are plenty of happy people using those, there are also A LOT of people who complain of issues months later. Also, many of the pro bloggers I know, complain about its ‘echo.’  So I took their recommendation on this one and have not been disappointed. (What’s fabulous too is that it’s powered via USB and you can use this bad boy on practically any device! I attach it to my phone all the time.)


    This was one of the first books I got my hands on when I considered blogging (and even when I considered NOT enrolling in her signature EBA Course). If you’re brand new to blogging or even if you need some refreshers, this book is excellent. ALbeit a few years old, I believe, but still VERY relevant. (And supposedly her premium course is outlined similarly) Before you invest in ANY course (even Ruth’s), start here.

how to blog for profit

    If you aren’t new to blogging and want help focusing on pumping out quality content, then look no further. Meera is definitely a professional blogger worth following (and listening to).

The One Hour Content Plan

    Let’s face it; you need some sort of external hard drive. And if you don’t have one, you’re taking a considerable risk. (ask me how I know) Even with a load of space on your computer, you’ll want to avoid the excess files, or else you’d be slowing your computer down.

Toshiba external  hard drive

    If you didn’t know already, I take a TON of vitamin C. (It’s one of my “secrets” for an energy boost) Blogging is tough work and the hours are long. If you top that with motherhood and mental health issues (if you have ’em) then, you already know how difficult it can be to just stay awake. This stuff helps a ton. (but don’t listen to me, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on the internet. Consult your physician. I’m just sharing what works for me.)

emergen c

    This lovely thing here isn’t only for bloggers but certainly comes in handy for everything. I know I never need an excuse to use it, and I’m sure you won’t either. Want to listen to youtube videos, podcasts, or blogging courses you purchased? Done. While you’re in the shower? Done! (If you’re a mom, this comes in handy for sooo many things! Hello audiobooks for you or the kids, music, bible and so much more)

jbl flip 4 (waterproof)

  This is one of THE BEST phones available today. I may be biased, but I love it.  (Blog post with more info coming soon!) If you want to abandon switch from Apple to Andriod, this is the way to do it. Trust me. This phone is capable of so much, and as a blogger, I couldn’t live without it. I honestly use this MORE than my laptop. So, yes, it is almost entirely possible to blog solely from your phone. (I’ll share more on that soon)

google pixel 4

  If you’re looking for headphones, these look AMAZING!  I don’t own these, but these are the ones I’d want for sure. In case you didn’t already know this about me, I’m a recovering perfectionist, enneagram 1,4 & 9 equally, which means, I read a ton of sh-t lol. Seriously though, I’m an overthinker that reads way tooooo many reviews necessary. So yea. There’s that. Basically, a know-it-all. (that doesn’t know enough) Hopefully, my spouse is reading this in time for Christmas LOL

bose wireless headphones

  Again, full transparency, these are what I have. HAHA. But, they work, they’re comfortable and get the job done. That’s the most important thing at the end of the day, right? (Seriously, I’d much rather have the ones up top)

in-ear headphones

  Before blogging, I rarely drank coffee! You wouldn’t know that now. -Sad face- But, this machine is incredible and will save you a ton if you can replace your daily cafe habit instead.


  We’re Mamas around these parts, and that means we automatically need to be super flexible. Blog while cooking, sure. Create graphics while breastfeeding? Yup! Or if you’re like me, you blog consistently during the littles bedtime. You know, because you need to sit there until they fall asleep because they’re ‘cared or they want you to rub their backs LOL. This lap desk help ease the burden on working from anywhere in or out of the house.

office lap desk

  Stuck with the low battery of death?! It doesn’t need to happen if you have this! I love Anker products. I have a different power bank that I purchased years ago, and despite being dropped a TON of times (I don’t recommend that), it still works fine! I recently got this model for a friend, and it’s great.

Anker power bank

    Remember my newfound love of coffee? If that’s you too, this coffee tumbler is awesome. Mine lasted for YEARS (until I dropped it and cracked the lid…what is it with me and dropping things??!!! Note: the cap isn’t sturdy like the body of the tumbler is. It’s plastic while the rest feels like metal.)

coffee tumbler

    I’m suggesting this because although I don’t own one, I’ve used them, and I know a ton of professional bloggers that use Canon. This bundle should get you started nicely and provide you everything you need.

canon rebel

  Call me old fashioned, but I still like to use pen and paper, and I use these to organize e-v-e-r-y-t-h-an-g! Bonus that they are plastic so, you know when you spill liquids in your bag (not me of course lol)

Steadmax 4 large poly


You know when you stop in your local store, and you’re at the register till ready to pay and then SQUIRREL! OH what’s that?! A pen I don’t need? A piece of enticing chocolate made of who knows what? And yes, I’d love to pay 9 dollars for two peanuts and a raisin! Well, I’m a sucker for good marketing, and one day at a local office supply store, this bad boy of a pen was there. Staring back at me for a fair? (IDK) price. I tested the black one and immediately fell in love. It’s smooth dries fast (goodbye smudging) and is a breeze to write with.

Tul pens

  See what I said above? You’ll need something to clip those papers together. These clips are pretty, feminine, and wayyy better than paper clips! (because we have way to much paper to squeeze into a flimsy paper clip)

Binder clips

  Do Not Judge. Meh. Go ahead, LOL IDC. I may or may not wear yoga, fitness, leggings (whatever you call them) DAILY as standard attire. Totally acceptable around these parts.

Yoga pants

    Along with leggings, you need a comfy top. You know, the go-to one.

pullover hoodie

    Usually, I wouldn’t recommend an HP product (sucky customer service, etc…Why yes, I, of course, I have 3 hours to solve an issue that takes 20 minutes GRR.) BUT when it comes to printing, the HP instant ink service makes it the cheapest printing you’ll find around.


  At first glance, I thought this was an ugly planner. AND I still do. LOL BUT WAIT, hear me out.

  1. The contents of their planners are the real deal
  2. The support noble causes
  3. If you love a good company backstory, don’t overlook this one.
  4. They offer a FREE pdf version of their planners to print  (& this is how and why I gave them a try.)

Passion planner

  The next two planners listed below are specifically geared towards bloggers. They come with great reviews, and again, it always nice to support those bloggers that you love. The Create Blog Planner is Meera’s product, and the Epic Blog Planner is Regina’s. These two women are one of the few bloggers I LOVE. (They say something, we LISTEN)

Create Blog Editorial Planner

Epic Blog Planner

That’s it! Of course, there will always be a next shiny object to buy, but if you’re a beginner, these are some of the most crucial things and what I use every day!

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