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Travel Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Travel Medicine Cabinet Essentials

A super short list of everything you need and none of what you don’t

If you’re traveling out the country, I suggest always having your own ‘medical kit’ for those unexpected [or expected] moments… This is what I personally travel with and find extremely essential for us.

Whenever you intend on traveling, it’s wise to let your doctor know. Depending on where you are headed- they may recommend certain immunizations, vaccinations or antibiotic kits. Think: malaria, for example. You definitely want to be prepared.

Ideally, you should be taking probiotics every day. But, if you aren’t already, then hear me now…go RUN to the store and buy some! (okay sorry for shouting) Seriously though, your gut is pretty much your second brain. Treat it like one. With tender love and care. Ditto for vitamins. I would start a regime asap, at least 2-4 weeks in advance of intended travels. Obviously, speak this over with your practitioner first.

If you’re into essential oils, there are a bunch that’ll make travel illnesses go away more smoothly. (For example, peppermint for stomach aches or body aches, rosemary for concentration/alertness/focus, lavender for stress and the list goes on and on).

If there are some things that you normally take or need on a DAILY basis, then go ahead and try really hard to have at least an extra 2 day supply of these things. (In case of a lost luggage etc) Things like prescription medication, contact lenses etc.

Because you can never go through security with liquids (with the exception of baby formula/water/juice for baby) and no one wants to pack heavy liquids in their luggage, this is the next best option. And you’ll be grateful you have something like this whenever you or your family members become dehydrated for whatever reason.

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What are you’re medicine travel essentials you can’t live without?


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