11 Quick Tips To Prepare For Your Move Abroad

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11 + Super Quick Tips to Prepare for Your Move Abroad:

Prepare for your move abroad

  • Use google earth before making bookings

  • Use trustworthy sites (When in doubt, rule it out)

  • Read reviews by recent dates***

  • Consult family friends and colleagues

  • Use embassy websites (in USA and country where relocating to- to find resources)

  • Google keywords to find activities (less is always more in these cases) Such as:

  1. City name

  2. City name + kids

  3. City name + family

  4. City + weather

  5. City + shopping

  • Doing a quick google search, Wikipedia, etc. and familiarize yourself with the basic history of the town and country of where you’ll be living

  • Then, find the US Embassy website in your new traveling city and search for helpful links relevant to your situation

  • Use keywords (travel, family, expat, living, etc.) to search for blogs or forums that may be helpful

  • Try to contact recent or current visitors if you can (write safely, never sharing personal details, etc.)

  • Use facebook/ twitter and other social media to find helpful info on the city or on your employer.

***Also use google translate to translate these keywords you are searching for***

For example, everywhere we go, I am always searching for an Office Max or Staples type of store where I can make photocopies and print homeschooling resources I have, etc…So instead of searching for- Italy, Rome photocopy or Italy, Rome printing service, I’ll type Italy, Rome Copisteria* and this will yield the search engine results I need.

Find blogs that specialize in the country in which you’ll be visiting…contact the blogger, strike up a conversation and possibly arrange a meeting (if agreed and feels comfortable). Ditto for forums…although I *highly discourage* arranging meets with strangers (Stranger-danger anyone?!)

Another idea is to search for nearby Airbnb’s. Consider staying a night with a host to be able to chat and glean insightful information if the host is willing. This is invaluable! And will pay for itself! (You could also try merely contacting through the message system and see if they are interested in sharing info through the chat/messaging system)

If you find yourself staying (or living out of) in a hotel, same thing here… most staff are almost always very knowledgeable in the city’s hidden treasures & more.

What other tips do you have?


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