The part of motherhood I wasn’t prepared for:

The part of motherhood I wasn’t prepared for 2

Speak to any mama about motherhood or any parenting & you’ll pretty much get the gist that they love it. It’s a tough job no doubt, long hours, no monetary pay but we wouldn’t change it for the world! I read every book on the market, a plethora of parenting articles & had countless conversations…but no one it mattered. Well, okay, that’s drastic lol. But seriously, I was NOT prepared for what smacked me in the face! This is a list of what has taken a toll on me personally & has needed the most attention to overcome.


What does that word even mean?! I prepared myself for sleepness nights but my goodness! In my experiences at least, no matter what age your kid is, you’ll never get proper rest again. Even if you’ve passed the newborn or toddler stage, there is always something to keep you up, Be it a dream, potty calls, or just wanting cuddles. IF they actually sleep soundly-you’ll be up, with a wandering mind.

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People will judge you. It’s tough. They will criticize you & many will condemn you if they can. Other peoples thoughts, opinions, or even statements are NONE of your concern. Try your best never to let others negative words fester in your spirit. You can’t please everyone. Someone somewhere will always disagree with you or your decisions. Respectfully, agree to disagree & carry on.

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Your marriage will go through rough patches, be it due to co-sleeping & having a continental divide or Daddy unable to rest after a


day… things will get shaky…hang on tight & be strong! Learning how to live as a family after living as a couple can take some time.


You’ll go through a considerable A LOT of feelings of guilt. Feelings of unworthiness. Like you aren’t doing a good job or not cut out for motherhood. Get that out of your head right now. You are worthy & called to do this. He who is greater is FOR you & with Him, you are enough.


Managing a home is tough work! We’re constantly playing a balancing act to keep it all together. There will be many great days…but there will also be times it’ll feel like a hot mess & times where it’ll all fall apart. But that’s okay. Rise up & try one more time. Take each day, just a day or a moment at a time. Because your limits will be pushed, Your sanity will be tested & your boundaries will be no more. Remember that family comes first.


You may become scarce in this department. Friends who you had or thought would stick around may not. The differences in seasons of lives will make friends drift apart. Mothers & wives don’t always have a lot in common with single, child-free women. This was extremely tough for me because although I’m an introvert & never had a crowd of friends, I value relationships dearly…So when I lost touch with that, it was definitely a tough experience to overcome & a hard pill to swallow. But, dear friend- there is hope! These experiences

will create

growth in you like you never imagined! When you do make new friends, you’ll appreciate the connection of your newfound relationship as a mother 🙂

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Despite being in a household full of children & an amazing husband, well, you will get very lonely. For me, of course, I love my children dearly & I know you do too, but we need interactions & conversations that are much deeper & thought-provoking than the dinner menu or what happened on paw patrol! LOL

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Please tell me I am not alone here?! What about you?


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The part of motherhood I wasn’t prepared for 3