The Importance of Humility in Parenting

Humility is such an important aspect of being human. Even more so in parenting. Many people will tell you that in order to possess humility, you have to possess self-confidence. This is a matter of opinion.

The definition of humility (according to is “to be humble” or have a modest opinion about your own self-worth.

It’s easier to instill than you think.

Right off the bat, let’s note- no two families are the same.

When teaching your kids humility, it’s always best to “go with your gut.” That certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t consider the advice of friends and family members, who are always usually more than willing to give it.

You know your children best.

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Being Thankful

You have to teach children to be grateful for everything they have. Even the small things. As well as the non-material items like- family. Children need to learn how to say “please” and “thank you” at a very young age. (Obviously) This is of course, is a vital sign of respect.

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Being Apologetic

Being humble means, we’ll need to be apologetic and express empathy. No one is immune from making mistakes. It’s the way of life. But by learning to apologize, children can put aside their pride and also don’t expect any pampering in return. Even if your child is a little wee bit wrong, it’s essential for them to apologize.

Exhibiting Self-Respect

We should never expect children to be someone their not. Nor should we ever and I mean never compare them to other children in order to be happy. Everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable by being unique in their own way. Self-respect plays a significant role in this.

Also, children that learn self-respect will almost always have an easier time valuing others. Kids who are exposed to other nationalities/races & cultures are learning about value, without even realizing it. (yay for travels!)

Be Helpful

Being helpful is a trait that everyone should possess. Teaching children to be useful in all types of situations is part of being humble. It can be something as small as opening a door for someone or raking a senior’s leaves.

Something we all tend to forget: children learn by example. Seriously, they’re walking camcorders. Because of this, it’s so important for parents to lead a life of humility. It won’t do any good to teach these values if we as parents are going to live a different life. Then, what will happen is children will generally be confused and uncertain as to what road they should follow.

Teaching a child to be humble is free. All it takes is time, love and patience. Of course, children probably won’t learn the idea of humility overnight. But, when properly taught, it’s a trait that they’ll be passing on to their own children & so on, for generations.

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