• Investments That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier When You Are a New Parent

    Investments That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier When You Are a New Parent

    So, you’re pregnant… congratulations! No doubt the news fills you with immense joy and excitement, which was then followed shortly by an equal dose of fear, uncertainty, and terror. When you’ve asked your friends for advice and tips, chances are that they’ll have told you the same thing: ‘nothing can prepare you’. Wow, helpful! While it’s certainly true that nothing can prepare you (sorry!), it’s also true that there are lots of handy tips, tools, and products that can make life at least a little bit easier. Okay, a LOT easier. Here are some investments that every new parent should look into:

    Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime is a life-line for new parents. The main feature of Prime is that it offers next-day delivery along with free delivery. This in turn means that you can have anything you need within 24 hours. And that’s game changing.

    Have you run out of diapers (or nappies for my UK readers)? Amazon Prime. Need a bib? Amazon Prime. Bed broken? Amazon Prime!

    What you may not realize is that many times you will be too busy to leave the house. At all. For days. As such, you either order-in, or you don’t get the thing you need! And as a great added bonus, Amazon Prime also gives you access to Movies, which means you’ll be able to bring up a bunch of great programs to keep your toddler subdued while you do other things.


    Hands-Free Kit for your cell phone

    A hands-free kit is another incredibly useful tool for parents. Because not only will you be stuck in the house a lot of the time, but you’ll also be unable to use your hands a lot of the time. That means you won’t be able to speak with friends or with your electrician. Unless you have a hands-free kit that is! In which case, you’ll be able to much more easily stay in touch with others without having to put baby down.


    A co-sleeper is a cot that has one removable or collapsible side. The idea is that this will allow you to push it next to your bed, so that your baby is lying with you and you can put your arm around them should you so wish. However, they also aren’t actually in your bed, meaning you can’t roll on top of them!

    This may or may not suit your parenting style as some parents prefer not to sleep with their children. But if you’re happy to sleep in the same room, then a co-sleeper can reduce stress and give you fewer disturbed nights!


    Baby Monitor

    Okay, so this isn’t exactly news – you likely know you need a baby monitor! But the question is, “What kind?” If you get a baby monitor with a camera, it can work wonders when it comes to putting
    your mind at rest.

    Some parents feel it is invading the baby’s privacy, but again this comes down to parenting styles. You can even get monitors that log heart-rate, though this can lead to some scary moments if the device ever malfunctions! Another feature that is very useful is to have soothing sounds and music. Many parents say these can work wonders when it comes to helping their children get to sleep – as can VOIP so that you can speak to your baby and soothe them from afar. Consider your options!


    Front Carrier

    A front pouch for your baby makes a lot of sense when they are still very young. A newly-born child should be kept as close to the mother as possible a lot of the time – almost as though they were still in the womb.

    A front carrier helps them to feel calmer and happier. It also allows you to free up your hands and actually get things done!


    Some of these items may seem expensive, but they are well worth their cost many times over. Sometimes they may save the day for you, and other times they might just bring peace of mind. How do you put a cost on that?

  • The Best Way to Show Affection to Your Toddler

    The Best Ways to Show Affection to Your Toddler

    One of the most important gifts that you can give to your child is a healthy sense of self-esteem. This significant inner security comes with feelings of being unconditionally loved, safe, and complete.

    Your child, very likely, has the ability to develop healthy self-esteem if the environmental conditions are supportive. Your contribution in creating these conditions is connected to your ability to show affection to your child

    Being able to connect and forge a bond with your child isn’t relevant only in infancy. Toddlers need such a connection too. They can’t thrive without it. Good parent-child relationships don’t just happen, they are consciously made and maintained. 

    What a Parent and Child Need

    • Sense of safety
    • Unconditional acceptance
    • Unconditional love 
    • Ability to adapt
    • Kindness
    • Compassion 
    • Empathy

    There’s no single solution to how to get this relationship right, yet there are a few powerful activities you can share with them that will communicate affection.

    If you take your time to offer your child a space of safety and love, your relationship will keep improving and getting stronger.

    Building a Strong Relationship

    1. Create tiny rituals. To create an environment of trust and respect, you can develop simple daily rituals and engage in them with your child.
    • Rituals are best mastered if they’re connected to an existing habit. For example: going to the park after lunch, morning hug after waking up, hug and run before playschool, or daddy/mommy dance when one of the parents returns from work. The options are unlimited.

    These tiny traditions shouldn’t be complex and definitely should not cost you much.

    • Simple and easy experiences that don’t require a lot of planning usually make the best and most sustainable rituals.
    1. Give lots of cuddles and hugs. Notice what your child is doing throughout the day and occasionally encourage or reward their actions with warm, loving hugs.
    • By cuddling and hugging them after a certain behavior, you support the formation of the neurological pathways that will reinforce this behavior.

    On the other hand, when your child is upset or shows intense fear, frustration, anger, or another negative emotion, this highly charged emotional expression might stress you out. The most common automatic response is to control and suppress your child’s current sentiments.


    However, instead of following your initial instinct and causing additional emotional pain to your already-suffering toddler, it’s much better to take a moment or two to calm down, accept your child’s state, and offer a hug.

    1. Inspire curiosity. Besides being crucial for learning and intellectual development, curiosity plays an important role

    Stimulating your child’s curiosity also leads to more imagination, playfulness, creativity, and sets them up for a more satisfying future.

    • The best way to inspire this sacred sense of wonder in your child is to be curious yourself. Be a role-model and show your interest in various activities, ideas, and cultures.

    Additionally, if your child has started to talk, you can ask questions, question answers, practice and encourage active listening, pay attention to details, and more.

    • Spending time cultivating curiosity with your child shows that you care.


    1. Carefully set limits. One aspect of parenting that is most in need of affection is the process of teaching discipline. Defining boundaries, setting limits, introducing responsibilities – all of these can be taught and introduced in a dignified, loving manner.
    • What kids look for when they learn about discipline from you as their parent is your own level of ability for responsibility. Children seek to see if you’re “walking the walk.”

    Having your toddler’s respect matters more than your strict assertion of the rules. If your little one feels that you’re dependable, reliable, consistent, and disciplined yourself, then you can be clear but gentle when you set limits, and your word will be obeyed. 

    Early childhood is a precious, luxurious period for you and your child. The more you cherish the moments of affection with your toddler, the stronger the bond between you becomes. All your child needs is your love.