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Perfect Gifts For A Lonely Friend

Looking to buy a lonely friend a gift but don’t know where to start? What do you gifts do you buy an introverted friend? Let me share my favourite gifts for any friend in your life that’s struggling with loneliness.


Books make for a great way to entertain and pass the time for any woman. But this is especially true for women that are introverted or lonely. Books breathe life into those and filled only or have little to no social life.

Perfect Gifts For A Lonely Friend 1

Youtube subscription

A YouTube subscription is an excellent idea for someone feeling lonely because it’ll give them access to a plethora of videos with the ability to download them for offline use. YouTube has a ton of inspiring, motivating, and uplifting videos for anyone feeling down or lonely. There are even co-working videos available if your friend works from home and wants another form of connection.

Spotify subscription

A Spotify or an equivalent Music subscription is a fantastic idea for anyone feeling alone because this when I have the easiest sure-fire ways to lift anyone’s spirits.

Music Subscription: brain.fm

A subscription to brain.fm is a beautiful idea for those women feeling lonely who need to be productive. This is a science-based Music subscription that helps increase productivity and hence more focus and relaxation.

Diy and crafts

Providing a subscription to crafts or purchasing the supplies and gifting them is a wonderful way to help them pass the time and develop a fun habit.

Apple or Google play gift card

Another option is a gift card to the app store of their choice. This way, they can purchase any apps they like if they have a smartphone or use a lot of technology.

Store/Cafe gift cards

My favorite options are store gift cards, especially for those who feel lonely because it’s one of the easiest ways to surround yourself with people in a comfortable, non-threatening way. If the woman in your life is an introvert, this is a lucky way to help her surround herself with other human beings.


Every woman should have a smartphone or laptop. If she needs an updated one, this is a fantastic gift for obvious reasons.


Much like crafting and other hobbies learning in language can be a great way to pass the time and build a healthy habit. This also gives the woman in your life the opportunity to take virtual classes where they can meet other people and learn from other teachers in a controlled, approachable setting.

Exercise Membership

Another great option is virtual or physical membership. A physical membership will allow the woman in your life to surround herself with other people. However, if this is too much, a virtual option is just as great, especially one like peloton because they have like classes where she will see other members and teachers, and it helps with feeling less alone.

Virtual Co-working Membership

Focusmate is a fantastic way to connect with a virtual partner (anywhere in the world) and co-work. It’s a virtual way to focus and get whatever someone needs to do, done.

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