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You don’t want to get sued for pursuing your passion. Helping others should be easy. And you shouldn’t have to stress, worry, or fret at the thought of a lawsuit.

Bloggers get sued all the time over things like incorrect use of images on their website, defamation, privacy concerns and so much more. Amira’s legal bundle covers all the bases (at an affordable price too) so that you can rest assured your website is legally protected.

Before buying her legal bundle, I spent a copious amount of hours scouring the internet for free templates — copying and pasting a little bit here and a little bit there. But nothing truly protected all the aspects I needed. And who writes those anyway?!

Or maybe you’re using your favorite bloggers’ legal pages for inspiration?

Friend, that’s even worse! You know why? Because that’s plagiarism.

Yes, even a person’s legal policies are protected and considered their own intellectual property. Legal jargon is not my expertise. I’m not a lawyer, and I wouldn’t pretend to be one. So why was I wasting my time doing just that? Is that what you’re doing as well?

The moment we publish our blogs, our websites, our businesses, we need to have these legal notes in place. You should never go live without a privacy policy, disclaimer, or disclosures in place. Why? Because not only are you putting yourself and all of your hard work at risk, but it’s against the law.

Feel free to read more about that here.

Investing can be scary, especially when you don’t know if anything will pay off. But when you’re starting your own business, they’re negotiables and non-negotiables. This is one of those non-negotiables. When you purchase her templates, you’ll be glad you did.

She writes in a clear way that everyone can understand. And customizing the templates to your needs has never been easier. It must have taken me less than 20 minutes to get everything done. And with her smooth, clear cut instructions, I was never left wondering what to do.

Let me also share that since purchasing, there have been several BIG shifts and changes in the law.

Hello, GDPR and CCPA.

I’m not gonna lie. I was a little nervous when all these changes were happening. Many people were. But, Amira kept her word (free updates) and updated the templates in a timely fashion to be sure her clients were protected in the best way.

And again, she made it stupid easy. (She even included the update right inside of the email for us lazy ones that couldn’t be bothered with logging into our account and downloading the new templates lol) It’s so straightforward and nearly effortless.

I can’t stress that enough and I’m certainly not overstating. (Amira has a ton of reviews to back it up) She’s the real deal — a lawyer by day, bada*s blogger by night. And as if all that wasn’t enough on its own, she has a private Facebook group (over 1,500 members) where you can get any help you need. If you find you do need it, she’s there, very active might I add.

(She doesn’t ghost you or leave you hanging after you buy) Blogging can be hard. Building a business can be hard. It’s reassuring to purchase products that make it easy. Grab your legal template bundle here now (< a deal for you)

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