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If you do a quick google search for stock photos you’ll find thousands if not millions of web results.


I’ve tried close to 10 different memberships and I continue to return to Ivory Mix.


If you’re not familiar with Ivory Mix… it’s a stock photo website geared towards female business owners.


The company is owned by CEO creative Kayla Butler.


She’s been providing stock photos for the internet for years.


The current time of writing this article she has roughly well over 3000 stock photos available for members to download.


With 100+ being added EVERY MONTH.


(Let me note: you can bulk download images! Yay!!! I’ve been a member of other sites where you need to download images 1 by 1….smh…a freaking nightmare)


The memberships are affordable with three different tiers being monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

And as for terms and conditions of use there isn’t another company that offers a policy like hers.


I know the plethora of options there are out there for us. BUT, do their terms of use suit your needs?


Definitely check this first. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a stock companys photos only to discover you aren’t free to use it as you need. (Think limitations on using the images for book covers / planners etc)


(I’m looking at you h*ute stock) cha.




 Many different stock photo companies put so many restrictions on what you can and cannot do with their photos rendering them useless in so many situations where bloggers really need it.


Inside Ivory Mix membership, you’ll find a succinctly organised dashboard with photos organised and categorised by color, category, items, types etc.

Her photos offer hundreds of lifestyle images, flatlays, mockups, social media graphics & more.


For me, I need to do business with a company that I know stands behind their products and truly cares about my needs. Am I right?


Ivory Mix has great customer service.


(I have no idea is she’s a one-woman-show but I’ve always received swift responses by email)


There’s also a Facebook group for VIP members and it’s very active. Kayla always responds whenever anyone tags her. Most, if not all of the inspiration for her photo shoots from the members request come right from inside the group!

How cool is that?


VIP members also get special access to a mobile app & single image search capabilities!

These comments, reviews & testimonials aren’t even conclusive of the ones on her site!


If you’re a female entrepreneur /mompreneur or if this matches your target audience, then you definitely want to consider this stock photo site.


Currently, her color categories include metallics, black & browns, yellows, blues, greens, pinks & reds, white & grey, purples & oranges.


She offers vibrant, bold, neutrals & more.


At the time of writing, her photos cover the following categories


(& more continuously being added)


Catergories include:


Business / Finance Niche

Parenting / Home Niche

Wellness / Fitness Niche

Mockups / Creative


Lifestyle, Flatlays & Mockups



Ivory Mix Stock Photo Membership Highlights:


✓ vertical & horizontal images


✓thousands of images to choose from


✓ best terms of conditions on the market


✓ affordable & pocket-friendly


✓excellent photo quality (scale up or down with no loss of quality)


✓awesome affiliate program that’s free to join!


✓social media & quote graphics




You’re free to use her images for Pinterest graphics, Instagram, social media, website, digital products & more.


And AS IF this all wasn’t already amazing all on its own.


Kayla is pretty much a brand wizard. She truly knows her stuff and shares it freely in her blog posts & courses.


(I’ve purchased several & they are realllly good)


I hope this review helps you make the best choice for your stock photo needs!


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