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9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You’re Stuck at Home!

Now that we’re all in some form of lockdown and stuck at home, we need help to keep kids occupied more than ever! I’m sharing the best tools, services and more that’ll make your life easier when you can’t leave the house.

1.This Disinfectant

I recently purchased a bottle of this cleaner, and I’m in love. Obviously, I feel obliged to share it with you, considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic and all. This stuff smells fantastic and is an effective germ killer. It’ll disinfect everything in your home fast and is safe to use around children. 

Make sure you use this to disinfect your doorknobs, light switches, remotes, facets, and countertops daily! (and any other frequently touched surface)

2. Growth Mindset Journal

This journal is my favorite resource for teaching my kiddos how to confidently develop a resilient mindset to face life’s challenges. Since we have some extra time, I’m desperately searching for non-screen time things to fill the gaps. I recommend this bundle HERE or anything in this SHOP. The printables are a high-quality resource for parents, teachers, and counselors. 

And you can get 25% OFF the bundle by using the code: SAVE25

growth mindset workbook colouring book for kids

coloring growth mindset book

3. Time Timer

Is anyone else finding their kids and routines are entirely out of whack right now? 

Maybe, the kids are fighting more, you’re experiencing more meltdowns, disobedience, or the kids are going to bed later and later every night. 

Whatever the case is, you NEED this timer in your life. Why? This brilliant little creation visually shows your child how much time they have left for specific tasks! It’s handy for kiddos that have NO SENSE of time. LOL (you know what I mean, ahaha. Is it ready NOW???)

I use it for a ton of things, multiple times a day. 

  • Screen-time limits
  • Play-time
  • Schoolwork time
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 4

Pretty much ANY routine that needs timing. Now, for the pessimist or extreme couponers in the back, LOL (I see you. I was you too). I know you’re wondering WHY you would invest in something like this when you could use the timer on your phone. BUT, while you’re right, you could use this; you’re kids can’t see the timer/clock.

Trust me, using this clock will significantly reduce the temper tantrums and meltdowns that come from “time being up.” This way, your kids can trust their timing and judgment because they can SEE what is left. It’s so simple but genius!

4. How to talk so kids will listen

This book is utterly amazing, and quite frankly, every person should read it. Whether or not they have children. Why? If you have kids, that’ll be your holy grail to understand how to talk to your children like the little human beings they are.

If you don’t have children (hmm, if you don’t, I’m not sure what brought you here, LOL), this book will still help you speak to other adults in a compassionate, understanding, and empathetic way. Most, if not all, adults have unresolved trauma. With many utterly unaware that this exists. When we speak to one another, we are essentially talking to the delicate inner child (& childhood experiences/perspectives) within us. 

9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 5

5. Darling Steps’ Huge List of Activities For Kids

I’ve compiled a list of activities for kids to complete no matter where they are in the world. Most, if not all, are free or low-cost. 

Access the list of kids’ activities here.

birds eye view of three children playing on a bed with puzzles and toys

6. Books for Kids

We have a family of avid readers. (Hello, friend! You’re looking at the quiet, shy kid whose head was always in a book. I forced, I mean encouraged this hobby onto my children) 

Although this list isn’t cumulative ( I promise, i am working on writing a list of every book we have read, loved, and enjoyed! I can’t wait to share it!)

Here’s a list of our favorite books to help kids foster a positive, growth mindset. 

These books use fantastic imagery and examples to show kids how to think positively and develop resilience. 

Check out those growth mindset books here.

7. Musik Subscription

Musik is one of my family’s favorite subscriptions! We love it because it’s like Netflix or on-demand for MUSIC! It’s laid-back yet organized fun. You choose any class you want, grab any instrument you have on hand or household items in its place, and hit play. Before long, you and your kids will find yourselves singing and having fun! 

It’s an easy way to insert intentional bonding time into your day. You could also opt to use it as the “Netflix nanny,” where the kids follow the teacher while you complete any chores or work. 

9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 6

8. Green Kid Crafts

My kids (and me! Who am I kidding? lol) LOVE these boxes! It can be such a struggle attempting to put crafts together that don’t look like a haphazard project the dog ate! Everything your kids would need comes included right in the box! And I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love receiving mail. (don’t we all?)

They provide cool, fun, engaging science and STEM discovery boxes that are extremely high-quality, beautifully designed, and thoughtfully crafted to stimulate your child’s passion. And, if that wasn’t enough- they are a great small mom-owned business that provides excellent customer service. You’ll definitely want to grab your FREE TRIAL here!

9 of the Best Tools to Make Your Life EASIER When You're Stuck at Home! 7

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