How to Improve Your Communication With Your Daughter

Communication is something you should have with every child, but as a mother, the connection might fail you a little bit at some point in your daughter’s life. Here are some helpful ways to improve communication and leave that door open for talking at any stage in her life.

Never Judge Your Daughter

It is crucial that your daughter knows you are never going to judge her. If she thinks what she tells you is going to be faced with ridicule, she is going to start keeping things to herself. Girls want acceptance and approval from their mothers exceptionally, but both of her parents as well. She doesn’t need you to agree with everything she does or says, but it is important that when she does open up to you, you try to see her side of it and not present her with a lot of harsh judgment.

Try Not to Be Too Emotional

This is important for girls of all ages. When you are trying to get your daughter to open up to you, you might do it by asking her specific questions. It’s okay to ask her questions and see if she wants to talk about something. But, try to keep your misgivings or emotions out of it. Even if you are happy, sad, or upset, don’t let that be the focal point. If you do, she might be less willing to share with you because of how your emotions will react when she tells you things.

Show That You Are Flawed

Sometimes, girls don’t open up because they think they are the only ones experiencing certain things. This can be anything from having trouble with friends, failing in school, having boy problems, or having certain personal body image issues. Show your daughter that she isn’t facing these things alone and that you are also flawed and have a lot of different things you deal with. Don’t complain about your body image, but show that you understand you aren’t perfect just like nobody is. This helps your daughter not feel as left out and can help a lot with her communication.

Stay Away From Loaded Questions

Sometimes to get your daughter to open up to you, you need to ask her questions about certain things. However, if you try to ask her serious, loaded questions, she might become even more withdrawn. Instead of that approach, try to ask her more curious questions. Act like the topic isn’t a big deal and that you aren’t trying to make any assumptions. If you do this, she might be a little more willing to open up to you.