Tips on how to get your child to sleep through the night

No matter what age your little one, us mamas always go through the sleep battle at one point or another. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Honestly…and we can get through this together! Here are just some of the best tips I’ve been given along the years.

First things first- is your little one getting enough sleep? According to many sources, children should be getting hours upon hours of sleep! See recommendations below:

0-6 months : 16-20 hours

6-12 months : 12-16 hours

1-2 yr olds : 11-14 hours

2-5 yr olds : 10-13 hours

6-12 yr olds : 9-12 hours

Next, where is your child sleeping?

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Try these tips to get your little one to sleep soundly at night:

Get enough sleep

I fall victim to this one. Getting your children to nap during the day is crucial to them having a restful sleep at night. But can I be honest here? I wasn’t one of those grand mamas with a perfect schedule that had her kids napping soundly in their beds at a scheduled hour. I’d be lucky if I got them to nap at the same time! Sadly, I was THAT mama…you know, the one who’s kids napped in their strollers and car seats while running errands. Yea. That was me.

Prepare The Environment

This one seems obvious but doesn’t the obvious slip by us? Turn down the lights, make sure the room temperature is comfortable, soft music if they need it…

Prepare Your Toddler

Let them know what is about to happen. No sugar coating, no choices. Soft, kind and firm. My dear, it is time to rest for a little while and when our rest is over, we can continue. Prepare Your Toddler

Simple choices

There is just no need to have 7 pajama choices, 15 teddy bears, 5 blankets or 50 lullaby tracks to choose from. lol. If you desire to give your child a choice, make it between two items only. And be sure to play/rotate between only a handful of lullaby tracks, so your child is humming a tune to explain which song he/she really wants to hear. (Just trust me on that one lol)

Introduce a Comforter

This simply provides a sense of security. I’d suggest buying two duplicates to avoid tears during the wash or if God forbid it should get lost!

Positive praise

Whether or not your little ones love language is words of affirmation, words of encouragement and praise work wonders! It truly is foundational for a child’s growth development.

Promote Independence

You can start small here, by laying out a small area where they can possibly reach all these items themselves and prepare them on their own.

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How to get your child to sleep through the night 2

How else can we encourage our kids to get rest?


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