Well being in the air: follow these top comfort tips to make sure you stay happy on board during your flight

Keep moving

It isn’t good for our blood circulation to stay seated for an extended period of time. It’s important not to forget to change your seating position regularly. Also, try to avoid crossing your legs move around the cabin gives you a chance to check the view.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water during your flight is important to keep hydrated.

Extra large room

Opting for these seats means you’ll have extra large room seats to ensure you have a comfortable flight with plenty of room. (Especially convenient if you have a child sitting in lap)


Flying will make your skin very dry so keep your skin pampered and protected from the dry air on boy by regularly applying moisturizer and lip balm.

Loose fit

It’s wise to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes. I know so don’t forget to dress appropriately for the country and city in which you’ll be arriving. although maybe tempting to travel wearing the gear from the country you’re leaving it may definitely cause an inconvenience when your body is in prepared to deal with the shock of drastic temperature changes.

Take care of your ears

Settle cabin pressure changes can be painful so if you experience problems during the fight suck on a lollipop or candy. If that isn’t enough then you can also pinch your nostrils and gently blow through your nose equalize the pressure. Now, be aware This is a very uncomfortable situation and did I say almost unbearable. However, it really does work.