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2020 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM)

Thinking about applying to VIPKid? Awesome! I’m a current teacher, and I’ve been working for this online company for a few months now, and I want to share my honest thoughts and feedback with you. 

This “review” won’t be like the others you’ll find on the internet that are outdated from eons ago (from teachers that applied when it was really easy/new). No. I’ll give you insight into what it’s like to apply to VIPKid during a worldwide crisis and get hired. 

I’ll share specifics on how I managed to apply when they had an influx of 30,000+ teachers applying and get hired on the first try. I’ll do my best to answer all of your basic and complex questions. 

Let get started:

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online English teaching platform connecting students from China with native English speakers in the US or Canada. (Sorry, brits they don’t hire outside these two countries as they want a “northern” accent. However, there are plenty of other companies that do). 

Is VIPkid a multi-level marketing company?

No! VIP kid is not a multi-level marketing company. (However, they do offer teachers compensation for referrals.)

VIPKid is the real deal. It’s the leading education startup for virtual ESL lessons in China. It’s NOT a scam. They are a global education company that provides real teaching jobs for qualified candidates. I’ll get into some of the challenges. Still, VIPKid is a legit “side hustle” for teachers, moms, or anyone looking to leverage their skills and education to make money online (many have made it their full-time job and earn a decent income!)

vipkid teacher

What Is The VIPKID Hiring Process?

There are several requirements VIPKID teachers must meet to teach with VIPKID; three of these requirements are non-negotiable. VIPKID teachers must hold a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject), one year of experience working with children, and the legal right to work in the US or Canada (also, effective 2020, you cannot be a resident from California). If you do happen to live in this state and are keen to work for VIPKid, I’ve seen teachers hired successfully in other ways I can share at another time. I want you to know that the teaching experience you list does not need to be a classic standard classroom experience. Of course, you can share the timeframe for any teaching jobs you had, but more importantly, you want to list any teaching skills you may have. 

If you meet these three requirements, you can continue through the hiring process. 

Can I apply to VIP kid if I don’t have a bachelor’s degree?

Unfortunately no.

Note: VIPKid will not budge on the education requirements. If you do not hold a bachelor’s degree, you won’t be hired. 

Don’t have a bachelor’s degree? Click here to read this helpful, in-depth post on how to make money online.

The VIPKid hiring process includes a demo lesson, a mock class, a TESOL course (if you don’t already have a teaching license or are not yet TESOL / TEFL certified), and of course, finally, signing the contract.

Here’s a more detailed look on the application process:

VIPKid Job Application Process


Please note, all views, opinions, and expressions are my own and not affiliated with VIPKid.

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2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 2

How Do I Teach For VIPKid? (The Application Process)

You can sign up for VIPKid here.

Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a VIPKID teacher:

The VIPKID sign up process is super simple. Just follow the few steps below to get started!

1. Create A Profile And Fill Out The Online Application

Fill out the application form with your experience. Make sure to mention if you have any previous teaching experience.

2. 10 Minute Interview

This first interview will be a demo class with one of the interviewers. During the interview, you will teach them a lesson like they are a five-year-old. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your teaching abilities and will determine your base pay level, so practice beforehand!

3. Attend The Virtual Training

VIPKID offers teacher training. Once you’ve completed your first interview, you will enter the “certification center” where you will do all of your teacher training. It should only take you a few hours and will prepare you for your mock class!

4. Teach A Short Demo Mock Class

Once you’ve gone through the initial training, you will do a mock class. This is another 10-minute lesson that you will do with the current VIPKID teacher. You will teach them a lesson, which will help them gauge if you are ready to teach one on one.

If you don’t pass the first time, don’t worry! You can redo the mock class until you pass.

5. Sign Your Contract

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, now that you’ve passed your mock class, you are ready to become a VIPKID teacher!

It takes a little bit of time to go through the sign-up process, but it is worth it!

BONUS: Here Are Some Tips!

VIPKid loves “TPR” (which stands for Total Physical Response). TPR is a teaching method that focuses on the coordination of language and physical movement. Use a lot of hand and body gestures while teaching. Also, being bubbly and smiling a lot will do wonders.

Of course, these sites won’t provide the kind of income that VIPKid will. 

Another option, if you’re not able to get hired, is to start an online business.

If you want to work from home because of health issues, young children to take care of, or you simply need more time and freedom in your life, an online business could be exactly what you need or are looking for. 

For your peace of mind- remember that they give useful feedback after the mock class interview. And in the off chance you don’t pass the first time, you can practice, apply the feedback, and try again. Don’t give up after one try! 

2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 3

What Does VIPKID Pay?

As of 2020, VIPKID rolled out significant changes to its pay scale. (Note: Because I was new, I did not notice a drastic difference with the new pay scale. However, a lot of teachers voiced their complaints over and over) 

Teachers used to make between $20-22 per hour. Now, most teachers earn between $17-19 per hour. I have made anywhere between $17-23 per hour. It is still possible, and I’ll explain a little more about how these stark vast differences in payments occur.

Note: Your credentials and demo lesson performance determine the base rate.

The incentives are applied to each half-hour rate. Before 2020, the base rate was between $8-10. However, after good ‘ole c-o-v-i-d decided to pay a visit, thousands of teachers began to apply, and most, if not ALL, teachers were offered a base rate between $7-7.50. I realize this SUCKS. I know.

(This happened to teachers with years and years of experience, professional certifications, and more. Nothing seemed to impact the starting rates for teachers.)

VIPKid Incentives And Contests

Participation/Finished class Incentive – up to $3 (per half hour) (Based on punctuality, teaching according to schedule and number of classes taught.)

In short, this incentive is determined by the number of classes you finish and complete in a month. 

Also, they have periodic contests, prizes, raffles, and bonuses.

How Much Money Can You Make Per Month With VIPKID

How much you make per month with VIPKid will depend on how many classes you teach. Some VIPKID teachers work a couple of hours per week on the side, while others work it as a full-time job. It is absolutely possible to work 40+ hours per week with VIPKID. I personally know a mom that works 70-80 hours a week! I find it totally nuts! But, it works and can be done! You’re looking to make this teaching job your main household income; it’s definitely possible. 

At this point in time, I have only made between a few hundred to roughly $1500. However, I never aim to work 40 hours a week, nor do I open my schedule wide enough for this to happen. Ideally, I like to work around 20 hours or less a week. This allows me to keep my sanity LOL and fulfill all my other engagements #helloparenting #hellowahms without becoming burned out. 

It is important to remember that you may have slower bookings if you have just started, until you’ve taught a few classes and begin having repeat students. This means you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money from the get-go.

As time goes on and you book more classes, you can steadily earn more, increase your rate, and get various bonuses. Your total earning opportunities will grow with time. Patience and perseverance are key! 

2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 4

How Old Are VIPKid Students?

VIPKID students range in age from as young as 3 to as old as 15 years old. There is such a diverse age group with this company. There are tons of young learners and many older ones as well. Please, students, this is one of the best-personalized learning options available to them. They all also have varying levels of English comprehension. All of the lesson plan materials and PPT slides are provided for teachers. We teach exclusively on the VIPKID interactive platform, which is assessed via the desktop app or apple mobile app.

What Do I Like About VIPKID?

First things first, I want to start on a positive note because, ultimately, I really like this company. (So far anyway. I’ve seen a ton of negative feedback, BUT for me, in 2020, this has not been the case) 

Here are the things I love about VIPKid:

1. You can create a flexible schedule with VIPKID (Teach English Online)

The flexibility and freedom that VIPKID provides me is the best part of this gig. Being able to create my own schedule and work when I want, wherever I want is fantastic.

As a full-time traveling family, it’s a relief to find work that can support our lifestyle. It’s also lovely to book short-notice lessons whenever I realize that I have extra time on my hands or need funds quickly.

With VIPKID, I am my own boss. The company cannot tell me how many hours I need to work or when I need to work. This makes for an excellent work-life balance.

2. With VIPKID, you can teach from anywhere in the world

HAve reliable WiFi? Excellent, that’s pretty much all you need. Yes, really.

3. It’s a low-stress job (for the right person)

I’ve worked in nearly every industry since I was a young teen, and this has been one of the most straightforward jobs by far. 

You wake up, teach your students, and go back to sleep or not…. 

Wear yoga pants or not… You have so much freedom!

The materials are provided for you, and all you need to do is teach the information to them for 25 minutes. (And to most students, it’s practically a review of the material. You’re essentially presenting the information to them with a clear northern accent instead.)

Now, there may be times when a student misbehaves, but it doesn’t happen often. With me as your mentor, I’ll personally guide you and prepare you to best handle these situations without losing your marbles. LOL

Trust me, I’m a self-taught professional peacemaker, never lose my cool and laugh through everything that students through my way. If I can do it, you can too!

On the other end if you have camera fright or are worried about being judged, i.e. the parents, then your stomach may be in knots for a while friend.

4. The students are (mostly) wonderful

Most students come ready to work hard and engage in conversation. They love to share their days and talk to you about life in China and their everyday lives. 

Allow me to be transparent, though- not EVERY VIPKID student is a perfect little angel. You will run into troublesome (seemingly awful) students who just don’t care, making you want to slam your computer shut and end class early. Until you remember, you won’t get paid LOL and smile your behind through the whole mess! But, I can say that the “good” students outweigh the “bad” students. (I use quotation marks because I loathe calling kids good or bad)

2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 5

5. Little to no prep work

This is one of my favorite things about working with VIPKID. Most teachers will wholeheartedly agree with me on this, and I’m sure you could read all about this in positive VIPKID reviews floating through the internet.

Little to zero prep work. VIPKID supplies all of the lesson plans. All you have to do is show up and teach the material.

Of course, you may want to prep props to engage your students; however, this can be as time-consuming as you desire. 

This gives me time to work on my businesses, spend time with family, and do more things that bring me joy. 

6. Payments

Payments (so far) have always been right on time and without issues. I love that you can choose when you want to get paid.

VIPKid makes the payment process seamless, and you can be paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

I’ve worked with other companies that have had payment gateway issues or forced you to use a random third-party company to get paid. #nothanks

And I should know that as of 2020, VIP kid has just ruled out its very own VIP kid payment MasterCard. You can opt to receive your payments via this MasterCard, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to receive your money faster. And I believe it works like a standard debit card where are you’ll be able to transfer money in and out as you please. They also assure you that they do not have access to your transaction history etc.

One cool feature of this payment gateway is that you’ll have a VIPkid themed card, which is cute. It’s also a guaranteed way to separate and track and manage your teaching earnings, which could help come tax time. I won’t be utilizing this route because you can’t pay rent with a MasterCard, and I feel safer using the banks I’m already working with. 

7. Time Zones/ Time Difference

This may be a pro or a con depending on where you are in the world. You work on their schedule, and fortunately for many Americans and Canadians, this means working in odd hours of the day or night. 

However, if you are a traveling American, this may be to your advantage as the time difference gap is minimized. 

8. Online Teaching Referrals

Once you are hired as a VIPkid teacher you will have the opportunity to become a referer for the company. VIP kid is one of the few companies that has quite a generous referral payout rate. In short, what this means is that if you refer a family member or friend to work with VIP kid and they are hired, then you will receive a commission for their hiring. 

Please be mindful, though, that if you choose to become a referral, you are essentially becoming a mentor for those applying to become a VIP kid teacher under your link. 

9. VIPKid Teacher Support

This is a more sensitive topic as I’ve seen many complaints in this area. However, I find that VIPkid’s technical support is beneficial, professional, and well supported. They currently use both a live chat and an online ticketing system. Should you have any issues that arise, you may contact VIP kid via the live chat on the desktop app or in the mobile app. You can also submit a ticket where they offer extensive topics and other support.

On rare occasions, you’ll find that the support’s language may seem harsh or unclear or perhaps robotic due to the language differences and online translators. 

10. Training And Workshops

VIPKID continuously offers training workshops, evaluations, and more, to help teachers become better at their job. You are continually improving yourself and as much as possible, giving the best quality of English education to your students.

11. VIPKID Continuous Improvements

A sign of a good company is when they are constantly finding ways to better themselves. VIPKID tries to provide the best working environment and learning environment for teachers and the students.

VIPKID reviews feedback and suggestions from teachers and parents; they continuously improve their systems and curriculum to make sure they are giving the best to their clients.

12. Supportive Community

When you join VIPKID, you aren’t just alone by yourself teaching. There is a group of teachers out there that you can reach out to that are willing to share tips, ideas, advice, and support. You can join chat groups, forums, Facebook communities, and you can even do meetups.

13. Time Commitment

The contract is for six months only, but you can renew it. The good thing about this is that you won’t be required to work too much during the week, and you also aren’t bound to a long contract (if that benefits you). If you are looking for a long time stable job, though, this might not be the one for you.

If you’ve read these VIPKID reviews and decided to take the plunge, click to sign up here

What I Don’t Like About VIPKID

Now let’s turn to the negative section of this VIPKID review. These are the things I don’t like or necessarily agree with when it comes to VIPKID.

I promise to be as truthful, open, and transparent as I share my experience. 

 Whether other VIPKID teachers agree with me or not Is irrelevant. These are opinions and statements are my own and not at all affiliated with VIPKid. 

1. Peak teaching hours are unusual (time zone)

As I previously mentioned, time zones can be either positive or negative for some people.

Since we are working with students in China, we have to cater to their hours. Unfortunately for those residing in the US and Canada, this could mean getting up at 3 a.m. to teach classes.

On the flip side, if you’re an American or Canadian residing overseas, then this works out in your benefit!

2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 6

2. The interview process can be daunting and nerve-wracking.

After talking to other aspiring VIPKID teachers and veteran teachers, I can confidently say that one of the most common negative reviews of this company is the grueling hiring process.

To begin teaching with VIPKID, you’ll need to complete the basic information section where VIPKID determines if you meet all of the requirements. Next, you’ll need to complete a short quiz and demo. After, you’ll have the mock class, which is the most challenging part of the hiring process.

The long and winding road to becoming a VIPKID teacher turns a lot of possible applicants off.

To be fair, VIPKID must be sure that applicants can teach the given curriculum to standard. It doesn’t help to throw new teachers into the classroom without correctly preparing them.

Another thing to note is that the hiring process doesn’t have to be difficult. Many teachers complete the entire process within a week and begin teaching a few days after that. With a veteran teacher to help, you can make the process quick and painless. I’m happy to walk alongside you and provide all the support you need. 

If you’re looking for a referring teacher, use my link to sign up with VIPKID: VIPKID Teach.

Once you’ve used my link, send me an email at:


So I can get in contact with you!

Feel free to grab your free guide here.

3. No benefits for teachers

As I read through many negative VIPKID reviews on the internet, I notice that a lot of people bring up the fact that VIPKID teachers don’t receive benefits like a 401K, paid time-off, etc.

For me, this was a major downfall. As I Mom with a family, it was important to work for a company that would provide health insurance and other benefits.

Unfortunately, if you decide to work for VIPKid please understand that you are hired as an independent contractor, which means NO benefits are applicable, No matter how many hours you work. 

 Alternatively, working for VIPKID has its own unique benefits. You can take time off whenever you would like. There is no minimum commitment, you can teach extra or teach less if you choose, and you can teach from anywhere in the world.

As I continued to work with VIPKID, I found ways to replace the benefits that I would be earning from a 9-5 job. We have found affordable health care, we have figured out how to save for retirement, and much more. If you are looking for ideas on how to save money, feel free to check out this article here. 

5. Absences & Tardiness Come At A High Price

This is a huge one on although it seems obvious, I’ll explain in more detail now why this is a huge negative. 

One of the things you must be aware of when signing up for VIPKID is that once you book classes, you must show up to them. Absences are not well-received at all. I understand VIPkid’s policies as an employer; however, nonetheless, I find they are quite strict.

If you’re one to miss work often, this might not be the job for you. Of course, you can take as much time off as you’d like, but if you sign up for classes, they expect you to be there.

Allow me to explain. If you are unable to show up for a class and find yourself needing to cancel, there are repercussions. First, there are monetary fees incurred. The fees they charge you for canceling a class will depend on when the class is canceled and how many days or hours you have until that class is scheduled. In addition, they will ding your account and profile for the next 30 days. This means that when you cancel a class or do not show up for a class, it will be marked on your profile, and you will nearly lose points, and your percentage will go down. Parents can see this, and this will affect your bookings. Also, should your attendance rate fall under 95%, I believe your profile will not populate in the app for parents during bookings. 

To me, this is quite a harsh punishment if you will. Thirty days seems quite restrictive and strong for a missing class, no matter the reason. 

6. Technical Issues

Technical issues can be a big deal. I’m often paranoid about them as well. They can range from a momentary glitch to not being able to connect, and if you can’t connect, you can’t teach. If you can’t teach, you can’t make money. And again, not only that, but you are also penalized monetarily. 

For this reason alone, making this a full-time job could be risky, especially if you eventually consider quitting your current job. If you’re living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, this is something you might consider.

7. Connecting With Students

Beyond the 25 minutes you’re allotted for every class, I find that it is challenging to connect with the students on any level because there is simply no time. Nor any support beyond the parent to parent feedback that you will write. 

It can be challenging to connect with the students to engage their likes and dislikes within this time frame. 

Currently, there is no way beyond the parent-parent class feedback to reach out to the parents or the students. And most parents do not respond or provide feedback. 

8. Parental Complaints and Control

Some report that dealing with parents can be difficult as they sometimes try to control the lesson and/or leave negative feedback that VIPKid tends to back and support. This is understandable since the parents are the ultimate customers, and the customer is always right. Even if and when they’re wrong. Remember that as an independent contractor, ultimately, you are incredibly expendable. 

Another note that I want to make is that many teachers feel like the parents tried to control the lesson when this is simply a vast cultural difference and act of respect. You’ll find that many parents may answer for their children or provide their children’s answers before you can engage or teach the child. Again this is an act of respect as they believe it is respectful to be present with a child and be sure that the student does not make any mistakes when speaking to the teacher. 

As of yet, because he sure you will have access to what is called the student’s learning partner LP for short. Here you can write feedback that the parents may or may not respond to and let the LP know that the parent’s involvement is overbearing. I recommend you proceed with caution. I have lost students when suggesting less parent involvement. 

9. Teacher Cancellation Policy

During your contract, you are only allowed six official cancellations. If you are planning to cancel, doing it two weeks in advance is ideal. If you have canceled officially for more than six times within your contract, VIPKID may terminate your contract.

Anytime you don’t show up for a class for whatever reason and not inform VIPKID, or whenever you inform them that you will cancel less than 2 hours before the class, you will get a $10 deduction from your pay. 

10. Taxes

When you work with VIPKID, you are considered an independent contractor. This means you need to pay more taxes (this is because federal and state taxes are not withheld from your pay). 

11. Unpredictable Source Of Income

You won’t always have work or booked classes, so it’s not a stable source of income. Some days you could have a lot of classes while other days you might not have. This kind of pattern makes it unreliable, so it is always a good idea to have other income sources just in case. You can consider becoming an ESL teacher for other companies or other work from home opportunities.

Is VIPKID Worth It? Should You Apply?

Overall, I think VIPKID is absolutely worth it. The positive VIPKID reviews heavily outweigh the negative VIPKID reviews. I’m thrilled with the success I’ve had teaching with this company. Especially during times of crisis, pandemic, and worldwide protests. I recommend it to anyone looking to earn money right from home.

Before I signed up to teach with VIPKID, I thought this opportunity was too good to be true. And, I was truly concerned whether it was a spam company or MLM. And honestly, I wish I signed up sooner. I waited two years before realizing that this company was indeed real and not a scam. So, please, don’t be me. If you’re looking for work or want to be a work at home mom, I implore you, apply. You’ll love it. (Flaws and all.)

I hope that after reading this review of VIPKID, you have a better idea of what this company is about and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Want to teach with VIPKID?

I Want To Teach With VIPKID

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Want more on VIPKID?

As a 5-star (5-apple as VIPKid calls it) teacher with VIPKID, I’m offering a free guide to show you exactly how to become a highly demanded teacher. 

I’ve taught nearly 300 classes (to date), and all my current parent feedback scores are a 5 out of 5. I’m fully booked every week and have multiple “booking requests” outside of my available hours. Ya girl is doing something right, and I’m so excited to help you along this journey as well.

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Teaching With VIPKid (What You Need To Know)

At the core of teaching with VIPKid here is what you need to know:

How to maintain and create a classroom environment:

In your classroom, you’ll be in charge of creating a space conducive to learning. This is also where you’ll create or implement your reward system. You’ll want to have your props ready and any other external knick-knacks you’ll be using for each class.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to re-create a traditional classroom setting in your “classroom,” then read this post here. 

So let me provide some of my best advice for mastering excellent classroom techniques. 

Efficient Pacing & Timing

During each class, you’ll want to be sure to allocate a sufficient amount of time for each slide. You need to do your best to pace yourself to be sure that you don’t go over the 25 minutes as you won’t be paid for it nor rush to the material to the point where you’ve completed the class within 15 minutes. Try to remain mindful of the clock and spend no more than 60 seconds, if possible, on every single slide. 

Build Rapport

At the beginning of class, You want to spend the first minute or so attempting to quickly build rapport with the student. After quick name introductions, you’ll want to either ask their age or how they’re feeling. Likewise, when class ends, you’ll want to have a proper closing where you end on a positive note, and you praise the student and share appropriate goodbyes. 

Neither the introduction nor the conclusion of your class should feel rushed, or else you risk a negative parent review or lack of rapport with the student. 

2022 Honest VIPKid Review (from a SAHM) 7

Embrace an appropriate Energy Level

Scaffolding is a technique that I hold near and dear to my heart when teaching my students and my own kids for that matter.

It’s important to gauge the student’s level when teaching them and speaking to them. Likewise, it’s just as important to engage and embrace the energy level of each student and match it accordingly. 

Complete Lesson Objectives

Before you begin any class, be sure to review the course lesson objectives. This will allow you to get perspective into what knowledge the student should be learning and walk away with at the end of class. This will help your scaffolding technique and pacing, as well as extensions. 

And finally, it’s important to remember that your energy will exude through the camera. So don’t forget to remain confident on the camera. Practice if you must get comfortable being in front of the camera and nail you’re lighting and background. If you can master all of these things, you’ll be well on your way to booking regular students. 

What Are The Technology Requirements?

VIPKid requires the following:

  • An Operating System Mac OS X 10.10 or above, Windows 7 or above.
  • CPU Intel Core i3 or above CPU.
  • At Least 4GB RAM Memory.
  • Network Stable Internet connection – 20Mbps (Ethernet Cord Recommended)
  • Flash-Version Download Latest Version.

Do I need to be able to speak Chinese?

Good question! No, you do not need to know how to speak Chinese. In fact, even if you are fluent in Chinese, it’s highly discouraged. 

Will Working For VIPKid Save You Money?

Yes! Absolutely. By working from home with VIPKid, you’ll find that you can save a lot of money in many different ways. 

  • Car

If you have a car, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to drive anywhere, and because of this, you’ll save plenty of money on gas, repairs, and other car-related costs. 

  • Clothing

Many days I am teaching from my pajamas, okay, just kidding. Lol Well, maybe a little. Because you’re working from home, you won’t need an extensive wardrobe, and if you opt for a more uniform look, you’ll find that you can simply purchase or use one to two standard staples all the time. For example, many VIP good teachers off to wear orange and so you can purchase an orange sweater or a vest and use that as your daily uniform. Therefore it really won’t matter what you wear under it, and you very well could stay in your pajamas. In addition, the camera frame on the platform is quite small, and so you won’t need to focus on the bottom half of your outfit simply because it cannot be seen. 

  • Food

If you found yourself spending money eating out for lunch and your workplace now, you won’t have that issue because you’ll be home, and home-cooked meals have never been easier.

  • Tax breaks

Being an independent crop tractor and working from home means that your privilege with tax breaks that many other individuals are not. There are a ton of things that you can write off that you usually would not be able to for a normal corporate job. 


Feel free to check out my Teacher Resources page for my favorite stuff for teaching online!

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How VIPKid Works

Lessons are provided for you (around 26-30 slides), but there are a few things that you will need.

Teaching Essential Tech Items VIPKid Teachers Need:

  • A laptop
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Internet connection

Later on, you may want other things like a whiteboard, crayons, markers, stuffed toys, or whatever stuff you would want to use to supplement your teaching. It’s all up to you on how you would like to implement the curriculum.

Because you’re working on an online platform, there isn’t much you need, especially if you prefer to embrace a minimalist teaching style. 

VIPKid Working Hours (Peak Hours)

When it comes to VIPKid hours, you are in control of your schedule, and you can teach however little or much you want. There are no maximum or minimum hours that you should follow. Thank goodness! This isn’t the case with every company. Most companies have a minimum weekly hours that you need to meet. VIPKid truly gives you all the freedom you need to work from home or anywhere in the world. 

This isn’t the case with every company, by the way. Many companies have a minimum hourly limit that you must teach per week. 

You can choose your time slots from 9:00 am to 8:30 Beijing time.

You can choose your schedule for a month in advance. Students will usually book on a weekly basis. You can then alter the schedule as long as no one has reserved it yet.

With VIPKID, students are the ones booking your classes and not the other way around. Unless you have a regular student who favors your class, you won’t have the same student all the time.

VIPKID is a great way to earn extra income or have a part-time job if you are interested in teaching English to kids online. If you have a bachelor’s degree, enjoy working with children, and are looking to make some extra money, VIPKID is a great option! 

Apply to be a VIPKID teacher now!

Are you a VIPKID teacher? What do you think is it worth it? Let me know in the comments below!

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