How would life be different if you could teach growth mindset to your kids?


Your child has low self-esteem

Does your kiddo have difficulty with their emotions or behaviour?
Frequently down, with a low opinion of themselves?
Do they often express guilt and regret?

Lack friends or confidence

Do they lack self confidence and self worth?
Have a hard time making friends? Struggle to stand up for themselves?

Is a perfectionist or gives up easily

Have any all-or-nothing attitude?
Force punishments on themselves?
Words filled with negative self-talk?


Let’s imagine ✨ 

What if instead of those 👆🏼 actions, you were able to help your child (& even yourself) design a new reality?


Create a NEW narrative that focused on positive growth, productive thoughts, & practical, optimistic steps?


Here’s the good news…


I know this because I’ve done it. (& if this formerly negative Nelly Mama can do it, so can you!)

PS: Sorry if your name is Nelly 😩


growth mindset workbook colouring book for kids

The Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle

What growth mindset is and how to incorporate it into your life so you can teach it to your kids.

There are a lot of books on about growth mindset, but this workbook is the only one that is specifically created for moms and kids. It gives you backstage access to my own methods. I’ll provide tips and drop a ton of knowledge to make sure you are supported. You will understand how to help your children create a growth mindset for good. Instead of circumstances dictating your family’s emotions, you and your little ones can harness a positive mindset to tackle life’s struggles, anytime. 


Me, circa 1999

I was raised in the South Bronx, (in the projects) from a poor family. Struggle came naturally, and being “positive” wasn’t something I saw much growing up. 


With a dysfunctional family in one hand and hope in the other, I did all I could to understand how to emulate those families I’ve read about or saw on tv (even from a young age). 


Me, circa 2009

I hated my life, so I chose to run away from it. I left everything behind to study at the farthest university in NYS in attempt to discover what life could be outside of those four walls. 

To dare and think happy. 


And I grew. I tried and I failed and I tried again. 


It was one of the most difficult things I’d ever done. But, something had to change. I had to escape the sadness, the pessimism, the hopelessness. 

I knew I was made for more. 


(& I know you believe this about your kids and yourself as well)

I knew if somehow, I could figure out how to reframe my thoughts, I’d be able to change my actions, my life and my level of success. 



Fast forward to today, I managed to discover what works and what doesn’t. 


I discovered not only how to survive, but thrive in my life and business! 


(All thanks to the system I built from constant tweaking and testing and experimenting.)

It’s the same process that I walked through in my own life, friends, moms, and of course, my children. 


It’s the exact strategies that enables my kids and I to communicate effectively (minus the stress!)


And I’m sharing it all in this workbook and I’m not holding anything back.


Instant access to over 100 pages of activity sheets, journals, posters, coloring pages and more!


All designed to help you create a solid system in your home so you can raise strong, resilient kids that are inspired to do the work, not the other way around.


 + Understand what a Growth Mindset is

+ “Work It Out” Activity Sheets & More

Encouraging Printable Awards

Positive Mindset Burlap Banners

Colorful Bright Growth Mindset Prints For Your Home


🎉 Bonus unlimited access to me via Voxer for 7 days.

Have a look inside:


+ You and your kids will communicate in a beautiful, useful non-stressful way


+ Your kids will want to work hard and look forward to making mistakes


+ Your children will be more confident & improve their self-esteem


+ And SO, SO, much more.





For a small one-time investment of $17 $37, you’ll get access to my massive bundle of growth mindset crafts, activities, guided worksheets, and more!




Click on any red button to complete your purchase.


Open your confirmation email & download your purchase! (Check your spam folder as well, if you don’t see it & drag that baby over to your inbox)


Print and get to creating memories! You & your child will enjoy discovering many cool things about building a growth mindset. Then, follow the instructions in your email to chat with me directly via voxer if you want even more support!

QUESTIONS? I’ve got answers!

Yes, IF and only if, you’re willing to put in the work. This guided material is not a pill that’s going to magically solve all your problems. ( It’s the next best thing for sure) 

You need to be willing to invest in yourself and your family to see the results. And I promise you, if you give yourself a chance, you WILL surprise yourself. 

Sure! Absolutely. You get FREE lifetime access to this bundle and can begin at anytime that’s convenient to you.

Once you complete your purchase, my internet minions will zoom the info straight to your inbox (the email you provided during checkout)

Oh no! I’d never want you to be unhappy!

This bundle has many positive reviews and is something I use at home.

If you are not satisfied, go ahead and use your bonus to work with me on-on-one so we can get you on the right track to raising confident kids!

I know these strategies work and due to the nature of this product (once you pay, you get immediate access to the bundle and can’t “return” a digital item) refunds are not provided. And all sales are final.

Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 13



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And you’re getting this completely FREE because I want to support as many moms as possible this year. 🎁

HERE'S WHAT OTHER MOMS ARE SAYING... a one-stop resource for everything related to teaching your kids how to approach life problems! I especially like the lunchbox notes- they are bright, cheerful, and encouraging.
Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 14
About Social Anxiety
I'm super excited to use this workbook to help my son and me develop a growth mindset.
Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 14
This Simplified Home
This workbook was eye opening. I learned that even though I do praise my kids it is not always in the best way for their minds to grow. Having suggestions for alternative ways to praise them was great. And for my kid to have alternative ways to work through their negative thoughts in a positive way is very helpful. My 5, 6 and 11 year old spent time learning that they shouldn’t give up and can do it. This is a huge struggle for my 11 year old. I am really hoping what she learned will stick with her. I will be using the journaling pages in our homeschool classroom and have my kid fill them out yearly to see the growth from year to year. The best part of this workbook was the positive posters, coloring pages (my 5 year old’s favorite part), and the note cards.
Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 14
The Frugal Work At Home Mom
This is awesome!
Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 14
Homebody Hall
This is a wonderful resource for children, parents, and teachers. This journal is packed with tools, activities, and more to inspire a growth mindset in children in a fun and easy way. Thank you for creating and sharing this resource with the world.
Growth Mindset Workbook Bundle 14
Soul Care Mom


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