Hello, New & Expecting Moms!

Congratulations and blessings on your little one! I want you to know that YOU are amazing, you ARE awesome, and YOU rock!

Although I don’t know you, I care about you and your family- so let’s embark on this journey together!

Here are a few things, I wish someone shared with me when I was pregnant-

First, what baby items do I really need? What’s helpful? What’s a waste? If you haven’t noticed already- those baby gadgets and trinkets are running up your bill. And it doesn’t stop now, sorry to report!

Baby shopping can be sooo thrilling and daunting at the same time. So I’ve compiled a list of excellent must-haves and some things that may or may not suit your family needs.

  1. Diaper bag– I know, I know, this one is a given- but I wanted to note, don’t feel pressured into purchasing one from the infant section…by all means, honesty, any large bag with a zillion pockets for organizing will work! My lo is now almost three, and I’ve used “diaper bags”, gym duffel bags, large totes, & backpacks. Use what feels most comfortable to you.
  2. Changing mat– if you purchase a diaper bag- this is usually included “for free”. But if yours doesn’t have one- I recommend the munchkin –insert link……it’s a good size mat that will last through the years, can be washed (or at least I did, in the gentle cycle haha), and has storage for wipes & diapers (although, it won’t fit many when they get bigger)
  3. Nik naks for diaper bag– here are the essentials: diaper rash cream, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, diaper disposal baggies (or just regular supermarket bags to discard soiled diapers), chocolate, breast cover or bottles etc. if bottle feeding, infant Tylenol, change of clothes for baby and shirt for yourself (if I could count the many times I walked around the mall with vomit or pee on my shirt!), cream, chocolate, wallet,
  4. Crib– I say go ahead and purchase one and forget the Moses basket or bassinet, because you will be shocked at how much they add to cost, only for your lo to outgrow VERY quickly. Remember, no drop-down rail& invest in one that converts to a toddler bed for an extra score!
  5. Baby bouncer or swing– I recommend the fisher price swing…..it is such a helper for you around the house, its portable and allows you to be handsfree right when you need it. The vibration, swinging motion, and music are all amazing, and your lo will sleep like a baby! This is a bit pricier than a bouncer but totally worth it. (consider ones that turn into a toddler seat for longer use)
  6. Stroller– lightweight, jogger, travel system? All the joys of picking this out! AHHH I know. I went through quite a few so, here are my suggestions- consider how often you will use it? Is it comfortable to push? Is it light or heavy (this will be important to you if you travel frequently and have no access to elevators/lifts. What type of wheel will I choose? (tires will give better rides but can be subject to punctures& don’t forget plane travel as you may have to deflate them) do you anticipate running with your stroller? Warranties included? Does it fit in your car/home space? & please, please always read reviews and don’t be scared to purchased second hand. Either way, always give you a stroller a proper checking when buying.
  7. Car seat– if you opt for a travel system, as I once did, know that later down the line, you will need to purchase a toddler seat and so on, according to your lo’s age. Save the time&money, consider investing in a convertible car seat. You will save money in the long run!
  8. Any sort of musical mobile or crib nightnight with images and music etc. I found my little loved staring at them!
  9. Crib border– you won’t need this until your little one can crawl as his little limbs may get stuck in the crib gaps.
  10. Changing table– For us, it wasn’t purchased nor needed…you will find that you wind up changing the baby wherever they are!
  11. Wiper warmer– are you serious? No, are you kidding me? Trust me. You can pass on this one…
  12. Playmat– not needed…any sheet or colorful quilt & simple tethers/toys will work!
  13. Nursing pillow– if breastfeeding, I found that this was a more considerable help than the average pillow, but this too isn’t a dire necessity, it will make your life easier tho
  14. Breast pump– if breastfeeding, yes, yes, and yes! Electric please-I recommend…..
  15. Car seat cover– if you purchased travel system (to protect baby from harsh elements) definite yes if you give birth during harsh weathers
  16. Baby carrier—yesssss!!!!!!! Can I get an Amen to free hands & multitasking please?! I recommend infantino….

So what do you think? Is there anything that’s not included here that should be? Or perhaps something that’s here that really isn’t necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Us mamas need all the views to make the best decision for our families!

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