Best Gifts for the Traveling Mom

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If you’re looking to make a gift basket for the traveling mama in your life, look no further. THIS is my specialty friend, and as a seasoned traveling mama, I’ve got you covered.


Laundry Sheets


When you’re traveling, especially with a family, you’re bound to NEED to do laundry at some point. Obviously, walking around with a jug of washing liquid or a ziplock bag full of powdered detergent (don’t ask me how I know LOL) isn’t the best option. Nor is rushing off to the nearest store to buy some. These are lightweight, space savers that’ll get the job done.


Braided, Stretchy Washing Line With Loops


If you’ve ever attempted to do laundry in a hostel or hotel, then you’re more than aware of the lack of hangers that are available to hang up clothes. Or if there are available, you’ll find that they are “locked” into the closet. So how do you dry the clothes you wash in your bathroom, you ask? A washing line! And if you’re wondering why you’d do this instead of just using the laundering service, let me tell you right now, you’ll pay an arm and a leg for a poor job. You have been warned. #helloshrunkenshirt


Flat Sink Plug


If you have any plans to head to the ‘other side of the pond’ or anywhere within Europe, then you’ll want one of these. Trust me. Bathtubs are a kind of luxury and hard to come by. I don’t know about your kids, but mine aren’t exactly running to take a shower. This little gem of a plug will make any shower or tub (most don’t have them either) a bathtub.


Packing Bags/ Cubes


You want these in your life. If you’re an organizational freak, I mean, perfectionist, I mean, super organized like me, you’ll love them. They make packing and unpacking a breeze. It’s easy to compartmentalize things by color, person, clean/dirty, etc. And should you overpack, its not an embarrassing ordeal when you find yourself opening your luggage at the airport to shift items around.


Written & Cloud Backup


Okay, so what’s the point of taking photos or creating videos for memories if you aren’t going to do your due diligence to SAVE them?! I’ve made this mistake myself, and don’t want the same for you. It’s too easy to lose a phone, drop it at sea, or many other things. So, make sure you are continually backing up those previous pics and videos and relevant documents.

  • For pictures, you’ll love Google Photos. It’s free and effective.
  • Backed up in real-time as long as your connected to wifi/data
  • I love this external hard drive. It has 1TB of space, not too bulky, and holds everything I need.
  • If you’re looking for a cloud option, I opt to use my device’s backup. So, for iOS, I’d use the apple cloud, and so on.
  • I also carry a USB drive for days where I don’t want to walk around with my large hard drive.
  • Waterproof(ish) envelope like this one

When you’re traveling, there’s nothing quite like having hard copies. Sometimes e-documents don’t load or get lost. Maybe it’s just the ol’ fashioned girl in me stuck in between eras. Whatever it is, it’ll never fail you to have paper copies. And you need something nice and sturdy to store these things (like extra Passport Photos)


Running Belt


Not just suitable for working out but during travels too. Remember those fanny pack days? #goodtimes. (Tell me I’m not the only one that admired my mama’s ugly fanny pack and adored it as well? LOL Struggle of millennials, I guess. Anyhow…) These things are fantastic for keeping important things close and out of pock-picketers hands (Kuddos to readers who always get my silly movie references. I can’t help myself)


Squishy, Leak-Proof Bottles


Oh, this one is important. Silicone bottles are best when traveling due to all the shuffling that bags endure. If you use plastic, I can assure they will open or leak somehow (if you don’t take precautions) Leak-proof bottles make it a lot easier.


Plugs & Cords


If you don’t listen to any of my suggestions here- make sure this is ONE. If you don’t pack your plugs and cords (and extras), your pocket will feel it. I promise you. I have no idea why, but overseas, these things are horrifically overpriced.

  • Power drive
  • Apple iPhone 8 & under chargers and wires
  • Andriod chargers
  • headphones
  • convertor
  • phone/ mobile adaptor
  • wall adaptor


Reusable Shopping Bag


Another luxury on our side of the world. Plastic bags. Well, when you travel overseas, you’ll be surprised to discover that no matter how much you spend or where you shop, you’ll pay anywhere between 9cents to 2 dollars for one single or reusable bag. Save yourself money and grab this travel-friendly foldable bag for all your needs.


Solid Bar to Replace Liquid(s)


You always want to limit liquids when traveling for the sake of limitations, accidents, and weight.

Dove is my personal favorite as I find it to truly be the most gentle, but any solid bar will do.


Wet Wipes


If you’re a mama, you already KNOW why we NEED this. Period.

Grab a full set or travel size

  • Large
  • Small/travel

Baby Wipes


Travel disinfectant wipes


Your Own Mini First Aid Kit

So, of course, you can buy a pre-made one like this one

or you can make your own, specific to your needs and make it special

  • Here’s an example of what I like to put in mine



Things are great for a variety of purposes.

  • temporary waterproof phone case
  • dirty clothes storer
  • snack storer
  • vitamin or another medicine storer
  • extra liquid protection
  • shoe protection


If you want to use them as waterproof cases as we’ve seen in those youtube experiment videos, you want the ones with a double seal. No zipper.

If you’re using them for anything else, I love using the ones with zippers as they open with ease.


Split Key Rings


These are the purrrrfect thief deterrent. Add bags to my bags ring. & more.


Door Stopper


This is great for times when you want to be ABSOLUTELY confident that NO ONE will enter the room or stall you’re in. Jam that bad boy behind any door you enter. You’re welcome.




Remember those things they gave us throughout middle and high school? Before you laugh, you’ll appreciate this when you’re on the go trying to enjoy a cheap meal on the tube, bus or wherever and you want to eat a yogurt, salad, and pasta. Just take my word for it or check this with your international friends.


Wax/Lip Balm/Salve


Lips chapped? Papercut? Scrap? Small burn? This is the best solution.

This one is my absolute favorite, and I love almost everything from this company

If you want another option- I like this one as well (burts bees)


Shaving Oil

Aerosols are a no-no during travels. So, if you aren’t keen on using conditioner or soap for your shaving, this shaving oil has great reviews


There you have it! If there’s anything else, you’ve used that should be on this list. Let me know.


Rather make in-person purchases? Feel free to download this cute printable to keep this list handy!

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