Best Gifts for the Introvert Mom

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Put your hands up if there are any introverts in the room!

((Saying it louder for the ones in the back))


Maybe you’re not an introvert and love one.

If that’s the case, let me share some of the best gifts you could buy them.


If you’re looking for items that aren’t cliche and sure to please, see these items below. (coming from a die-hard lifelong introvert)




Put aside the current rave and fetish surrounding essential oils, diffusers are undeniably the best and arguably the safest way to diffuse scents throughout your home. There’s plenty of evidence surrounding the dangers of candles in the home. Bonus that a diffuser gives you a two for one. Acting as a humidifier and dispersing goodness in your home.

And please don’t feel like you need to invest in an expensive bundle of luxury label oils either. There are plenty of reputable companies selling essential oils without the premium cost or membership. I’m relatively new to the essential oil game (about 3-4 years now), and while I LOVE essential oils and some of the benefits, you won’t see me rocking a “coconut oil & EO for everything” type of shirt. (Yes, essential oils allowed me to heal tooth pain& damage, infections, sleep issues and mood, etc. BUT I’m not yet convinced its a one-all solution for our health)

Here are companies I love (& buy)

Time (A Spa Day Please)


Let’s be honest; the best thing you can give the introvert mom in your life is time. It’s quite possibly the most precious commodity on earth. Give your mom the time she needs to regroup, refresh, and come back whole. Bonus points if you’ve set up a special day of relaxing.


iTunes Gift Card


Because music is good for the soul.

Amazon Gift Card


Allowing ANY Mom (not just introverts) the opportunity to buy whatever she wants = awesome.



Wine /Coffee /Tea


Wine, coffee, tea. Every Mom has their preference. Some love all three. Some are, respectively, said fans. I’ve gone ahead and linked the best rated of each above. (Side note: I said best rated as I’ve not tried them all. I don’t drink wine, so I don’t have a clue as to a  good one. I’ve only developed a newfound love/hate for coffee, so I still can’t recommend one outside of chain-cafes. As for tea, this particular brand is one of my favs. I purchase everything they make. They’re just that good.)


Weighted Blanket


Considering some of our favorite activities, including staying in and relaxing, whether watching television, working, or reading a book. Its best done under a weighted blanket or a heated blanket like the one below.


Heated Blanket


See above


Neck/Back Massager


Is it just me, or are Moms doing all the things and saying nothing about it?! Its a common issue for sure and guaranteed to welcome stress/tension and body issues. This massager will be the next best thing to a comfortable bed in a quiet room!


Introvert ANYTHING


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