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7 Ways To Occupy Kids On A Long Haul Flight

Children and Vacations: How To Have a Calm Flight

Vacations bring some of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have. Planning and organizing your family’s travel can make the difference between having a trying, tiring flight or a calm and restful one.

Here are some ways to make your flight enjoyable for everyone:

  1. Get the kids emotionally *ready* for the trip. Gather all the necessary information in advance about your travel destination and share this information with your children to prepare them for the trip.
  1. Read a book about flying. If your children are seven years old or younger, look for books about flying that are written for their age ranges. Preparing children through stories and pictures can go a long way in quelling any fears they might have about riding an airplane.
  1. Take something familiar. Take a familiar item along for the ride to serve as a calming influence for your child.
  1. Include simple, inexpensive toys and games your children enjoy. Purchase some of these items to pack in your carry-on bag. Then, pull out surprises every hour or so during the plane ride.
  1. Fun gadgets keep their attention. Let’s not forget the incredible benefit of technological gadgets to keep the kids occupied during the flight. If your kids are old enough to have their own gadgets, whether to play games, listen to music or watch movies, ensure they’re packed in the carry-on.
  1. Consider the flight as quality time. Engage the kids in discussions of subjects you want to talk about with them.
  1. Be aware of how the seating arrangement on the flight determines whether the flight is calm or calamitous. If your two children bicker frequently, it may be wise to have them sit on either side of you to keep a little distance between them during the flight.

Planning ahead for your family’s flight increases your chances of having a peaceful travel experience. Follow the above suggestions to ensure that your family will arrive at your vacation destination relaxed, calm and ready to enjoy a memorable family vacation.

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