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You can have an amazing relationship with your partner that withstands challenges and the test of time. You can make your marriage more enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling. And you can do all this by creating a few positive, daily habits that support a loving relationship.

Take action to strengthen your marriage:

Write down your conflicts

Research from Northwestern University scientists found that writing down your conflicts and arguments can help you build a stronger marriage. Consider joining a writing group and discussing your issues. Researchers found that spouses who wrote about their arguments in these types of groups had better relationships. This is because the writing gave them the chance to use perspective while the group offered support.

If you prefer, you can journal alone about the arguments.

The key is to write about the argument in a neutral way. Instead of blaming or shaming, strive to focus on an unbiased view of the situation.

Hug each other

Physical contact brings you closer together, both literally and emotionally. Researchers have found that hugging releases oxytocin. This hormone uplifts your mood and can strengthen the connection with your spouse.

Aim for at least two hugs a day with one in the morning and one in the evening. If you can increase this number, even more, it will benefit both of you.

Researchers also point out that your benefits increase with longer hugs, so hug for at least a minute each time.

Schedule a consistent date night

Your schedules may be overflowing with work duties and your kid’s recitals or sports games. However, it’s crucial to take the time to spend time together.

It’s better to have a weekly date night, but even researchers realize that this may be tough for working families. Strive for setting aside time for at least one date a month.

Your date night is your time together – just you and your partner – so avoid including the kids, friends, or other family members. You also want to avoid distractions from your work or phones. The goal is to focus solely on each other.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for your date night, consider doing the traditional movie night. Researchers from the University of Rochester found that going to movies about relationships or couples can help you with your own challenges. By discussing the movie with your partner, you can strengthen your own marriage.

Try to connect with your partner’s friends

You don’t have to be involved with every member of your spouse’s social circle, but be friendly with at least several of them.

Studies show that couples who share the same friends have stronger relationships. However, you still want to give each other some space and alone time with friends.

Cook with each other

Cooking may be time consuming, but according to research, it can help your marriage. It can also be a fun way to connect.

Cooking involves sharing a complicated task together. It forces you to work with each other and delegate tasks. It helps you appreciate each other’s talents.

In addition to cooking at home, you may want to sign up for cooking classes to learn about new dishes together.

You can enhance your relationship with simple steps. You have the power to make real change happen. Start today, and enjoy the results!

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